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Experience the finest, purest and most potent gifts that nature has to offer - ancient secrets rediscovered by modern science. 100% pure active nutrients for your skin and well-being sourced ethically and sustainably from organic farming communities around the world to offer you the richest nutrients and antioxidants for your skin and your health - guided by a business philosophy we call SOETE.

S = sustainable farming practices
O = organic or wild-crafted 100% active ingredients
E = ethical trading
T = transparent business practices
E = empowering you, humanity, the earth and animal kingdom

100% natural raw organic toxin free skin care full of vital antioxidants
'our skin care is really self care which comes truly from self love'

Our products have been uniquely designed to superfeed your skin naturally. Our ingredients have been carefully sourced and are utilised in its most raw and unprocessed states to maintain maximum nutrition and benefits for your skin. They are water-free and chemical-free. They look, smell and feel different but so will your skin. GET THIS SKIN READY FOR SUMMER BY PROVIDING IT WITH A MULTITUDE OF POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS and start feeling good in your skin! We often underestimate the nutritional value to our health and well-being of a good quality oil applied to the skin which is directly available to our body bypassing the acidity of the stomach.

What you will find in our products is a rich assortment of naturally active antioxidants and essential nutrients. They protect your skin from destructive molecules called free radicals which are greatly responsible for the health as well as the aging process of our skin. There is a multitude of antioxidants available to us but they are designed to work together not in isolation. Our products provide you with a 'smorgasbord' of antioxidants naturally which combine to create a powerful nourishing, healing and protective boost to your skin.

>Discover the silky soft ARGAN Oil or powerful PRICKLY PEAR Seed Oil from the Berber community in Marocco or the velvety smooth BAOBAB Oil from an organic farming community in Senegal. Our TAMANU skin healing oil should be in every first aid kit. For your face, neck and decollete we have developed FACE OIL+ a precious mix of 20 powerful oils and some antioxidant rich masks. To soften your feet try our FOOT OIL and for your body you will find varous BODY OILS. Seasonally, you will find BODY BUTTERS that will delight and warm your body.

Our products are 100% raw, vegan, cold-pressed, organic and free of water, any GMOs and potentially harmful additives, fillers, frangrances, deodorizers and colours.

100% unadulterated cold-pressed oils & superfoods for your health

Nature's most potent and pure offerings. Support your internal health and enhance every dish with cold-pressed precious oils of DEMETER certified biodynamic or certified organic Black Cumin Seeds and certified organic Moroccan Argan Nuts. These oils have been widely researched for their exceptional health benefits. Humanity has utilised these oils for millennia with powerful results for intestinal health, cardiovascular health, potency, asthma, arthritis, skin problems like eczema and psoriasis and just about anything that you can imagine. Incorporate them into your daily culinary experience as gourmet delights to boost your health naturally or potent powerful healing agents.

Since 2011 we have been offering our clientele our certified organic BAOBAB FRUIT PULP POWDER - the king of superfruits! The benefits have been amazing: Boost your digestive system with this deliciously tangy tasting naturally dried fruit powder rich in dietary fibres, Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese and more antioxidants than acai, goji, blueberries or cranberries.

"The healing synergy of any plant is unsurpassed
and can not be matched by extracted parts thereof."

Nature cannot be patented; yet, in unmodified nature we find the most potent and valuable solutions to increase the health of our skin and to prevent and combat so many of our current skin and general health problems. We package nature pure so you too can enjoy the benefits of these ancient oils and delights that have powerfully served whole civilisations for thousands of years.

People from all walks of life and all ages are discovering and enjoying our products for various personal reasons but what we all have in common is a desire to taste and feel the pure luxuries that nature is offering to us in the most purest form possible.

Please note that our products come directly from nature itself - their path from grower to our production facility has been carefully monitored to ensure that you will gain the most benefits from their highly nourishing properties. Our butters melt luxuriously on body contact but they also melt when the temperature rises above 30C. Even though they don't lose any nutrients and are wonderful to apply in this state, you might wonder what happened to them, the fact is we just keep forgetting that nature is alive and interactive - and this is good news for your skin.

ENJOY your discovery into an all new and yet ancient experience of skin care that leaves your skin not only well nourished but silky soft and smooth. We have proudly sourced the most luxurious oils and butters from all around the world - nature's gift to us. We are honouring this gift each day anew by creating and sourcing products that respectfully keep these precious gifts alive. And that is our gift to you.

All our products are vegan and are proudly handcrafted in small batches in beautiful Fremantle, Western Australia. Neither our raw supplies nor our finished products have been tested on animals.

Should you have any queries, feedbacks or suggestions please feel welcomed to contact us at, or contact our shop on 0418 957 010.

Thank you. Have a wonderful day and most of all


As we have adapted our products as time went by, please feel welcomed to contact us should you not find what you are looking for in our online shop. Thank you.

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