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Article: Why your skin needs great care

Why your skin needs great care

Why your skin needs great care

~ Your skin houses your body and your body houses your soul. Take good care of it.~


Enhance your essence and empower your skin. Our natural skincare products are designed for the high demands of today’s skin. Created with the earth, humanity and animal kingdom in mind - read on to explore your skin and how to give it great care.

The skin is our largest organ and does not operate in isolation. The health of the skin is dependent on our mind’s and our body’s resources. Stress is affecting the texture and appearance of our skin in the same way as deficiencies of nutrients or toxicity levels.

HALKA B. Organics is designed to meeting your skin’s challenges. Modern diet is depleted of nutrients, modern skin care does little more than plump up the upper layers and provide a quick fix solution that is highly disturbing and often extremely damaging to our skin and our health. HALKA B. products have been inspired by the demands for a nutrient rich skin care range that works naturally within the deeper layers of our skin.

Our products are based on exotic butters and precious oils well known for their healing and nourishing properties since ancient times sourced ethically and sustainably from caring communities around the world. Living skin care creates glowing smooth skin that is alive and vibrant.

We utilise the power of raw cold-pressed and organic oils butters and precious plants in a most natural, raw and ethical way to maintain their inner vitality and life-force. By leaving the ingredients as raw and unprocessed as possible, you will be able to enhance your essence and empower your skin. The results are amazing and we pride ourselves to create a skin care regime that affects your health way beyond the skin. As a lot of what you are putting on your skin ends up directly in your blood stream. Plus, a lot of your metabolic waste leaves your body via the pores of the skin – so feed it well!

Sciences within the cosmetic industry are focusing on extracting single active constituents. But nothing works in isolation. We may get the result we are after but we may pay a dear price for it in the long term. Nature is complex and everything works in harmony and synergy. There is no substitute as per yet for nature’s chemistry. And all our attempts to prove differently have brought us to a world where we have done more damage than good, to our skins, to our health, to communities we source from and to the earth. We can not afford to disrespect neither our human beingness nor our natural habitat any longer. We are chasing dreams and forgetting to connect to the very essence of life. We are chasing perfection but what we may really be longing for is love and connection which grows out of true meetings. Skin Health goes way beyond skin deep, it is a mirror of our body, mind and soul.


Why Water-Free Skin Care? 

Conventional organic skin care products often contain up to 80% water (and some even more) as the main ingredient. The water content can take many forms, be it hydrosol, aloe vera juice, floral or just purified water. Whatever its form, the presence of water in skin care products is largely redundant.

To make the products effective, small amounts of precious natural oils extracted from the highly valuable resources of the plant world need to be added. But, water and oil do not mix so manufacturers need to add emulsifying waxes. These waxes often clog pores and aggravate our skin. Moreover, in order to create a a smooth creamy product, the mixture of oils, water-based products and emulsifying waxes needs to be heated up. But in that process valuable nutrition is lost, as nutrients in oils are extremely sensitive to higher temperatures.

By adding water to skin care products, companies are also creating a potential breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that can be highly toxic to our skin. The only way to prevent that from happening is to add potent preservatives and sometimes alcohol. This has been the conventional way of creating skin care and beauty products, even organic ones, for a very long time. This approach does not leave us with any opportunity to create a truly organic skin care line, one that avoids skin-clogging waxes, potentially dangerous additives and nutrient void fillers.

In order to create truly organic living product that is compatible with the natural resources of the skin, we needed to stay as close to nature as possible. Indeed there is no comparison between using extracted materials and using them natural ingredients in their raw form: the synergy of their active ingredients is always greater in their raw form. Our aim in skin nutrition is twofold: first, to use the ‘full’ therapeutic value of each ingredient not just parts of it; and second, to empower the skin from inside out.


Our skin is our largest organ and works in perfect unison with our body, if we allow it to do so. Furthermore, most of what we put on our skin ends up directly in our bloodstream. But not only that, up to 30% of all our metabolic waste leaves the body via our pores. Many skin conditions and premature signs of aging are symptoms of our skin not working properly due to internal and external stressors.

Internal stressors are often associated with stress and nutritional deficiencies. External stressors are environmental challenges like harsh weather conditions, UV-rays, the newly created challenges of wireless applications, and skin products that block pores, trap dirt and bacteria and do not allow the skin to breathe at all. Our skin does not need any more stressors! In today’s world it needs all the support it can get.

Our main aim, thus, is to create products that keep the pores open and at the same time empower the skin to create its own protective barrier. For this to be achieved, it is important to nourish the skin with minerals, vitamins and fatty acids. While it is vital to obtain these through a good diet, it is also possible to absorb them direclty through the skin.

Our nutrient-rich oils allow your skin to breathe, to feel amazingly soft and supple, and to remain capable of eliminating toxic waste. To achieve this, we have sourced the finest most potent oils in the world to use directly on your skin. By not adding any water, we have eliminated the need for any waxes and preservatives in our products. The result is a skin care regime that is 100% water-free and 100% toxin-free.


There is nothing more powerful than cleansing your skin with oils. Why? Because what we are doing in a cleansing process, is removing the debris of the day: powders and dirt particles from the environment that mix with our own sebum and creat a toxic build up within our pores. We can remove this oily build up either by adding surfactant agents that leave our skin dry out, aggrevated and stripped of any natural resources to protect itself, or by utelising oils. Oil cleansers soften the debris within the pores naturally and draw them virtually out so they can be gently removed from the skin without stripping our skin of any natural vital resources. Opposite to popular belief, cleansing oils will leave your skin dry, non-greasy and with a surprising sense of clean well-functioning skin.

Skin is like leather. Furthermore, skin is our largest organ and does not operate in isolation from the rest of us. It is absolutely vital that our skin receives nutrients that support its function to protect us from internal and external stressors. This can best be achieved by applying products that are as close to nature as possible because the skin recognizes these resources and is capable of utelising them on the most advanced levels. That is another reason why we are creating luxurious oils, butters & masks that have a unique and powerful signature of nature pure. The results are amazing.

Yes, our products look and feel different – but so will your skin!



Looking after oneself is meaningless if we don’t put it into a bigger picture. That is why we take great pride in our sourcing policy. Our partners place high value on fair trade and community development as well as the environment. We do not test on animals. Each batch is assessed for its nutritional value in reputed laboratories and is stored in appropriate ways to protect the nutrients in the oils. You are getting the real deal. These same oils are used by laboratories around the world to extract all sorts of vitamins, antioxidants, and vital essential nutrients because the purity and richness of active ingredients in these raw oils is simply unsurpassed.

Our products are created from fair-trade, cold-pressed and unadulterated oils and butters that are, whenever possible, certified organic, single origin or wild-crafted. They are hand-made in small batches to ensure the highest quality of living nutrients so your skin can benefit from the rich assortment of active ingredients present in each oil or butter naturally. Our products are 100% pure, raw, highly concentrated and truly natural. As all vital natural nutrients are light sensitive, we package our oils in dark amber or violet glasses and our butters in dark recyclable PET jars.