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Our favourite Essential Oil Blends Sample Pack with handmade Scent Pebble


A little gem of 8 Halka B. Organics favourite blends of 100% pure essential oils, with a handmade unique ceramic scent pendant and wooden plate. Scent your home, your car or sacred space in a gentle cleansing way. Lifts the energy and imparts a subtle sense of well-being.

ABOUT THE SCENT PEBBLE: The scent pebble is handmade in Fremantle WA by Artist Belen Berganza from porous clay which will absorb the blend of essentials oils easily. For this Christmas, we chose the infinity spiral as the centre symbol, the connection between heaven and earth.

The spiral ‘spirals’ up to connect the physical self to the Higher Self, and all levels of our being (inter-dimensionally) and into the core of the Earth. Galaxies are in spirals of energy. Energy moves in spirals. The spiral is also the kundalini, which is symbolic of raising one’s consciousness on the path of the evolution of the soul. The spiral is connected to the flow of energy through the chakras as they spin in a circle. The spiral is the spiral shape as a double helix in the DNA of each cell.


These super cute 2ml glass essential oil bottles come with a glass dropper for easy application. Use these essential oils on the pebble, on your self or in your oil burner and ENJOY!

BRIGHT DAY Uplifting & Joyful

A blend to start the journey with lightness and softness, a tonic for the nerves.  It evokes warmth and brightens up a jaded heart.

Contains: French Lavender, Grapefruit*, Patchouli*, Sacred Frankincense°, Rose Geranium & Vanilla

 FRANKINCENSE & ROSE Sensual, Heartwarming & Loving

 A connection made in heaven! Enjoy one of our favourite combinations. Clear your energy field and allow this blend to bring you back to yourself in times of overwhelm and unrest.

Contains: Sacred Frankincense° (Boswellia sacra) & Bulgarian Rose Damask

JOY & PEACE Christmas Blend

A deep sweet blend of essential oils traditionally used in Europe to impart a sense of Calm, Peace & Joy. Enjoy this beautiful Christmas Offering lovingly blended by Halka B. Organics. May it serve you well this Christmas.

Contains: Fine Siberian Fir°, Cinnamon Bark, Orange, Pine, Sacred Frankincense°, Myrrh°, Clove Bud & White Australian Cypress

LETTING GO Release & Be at Peace

Essential oils traditionally used to reduce nervous tension, promote relaxation of the body & mind, relieve anxiety and instil a sense of peace. Let go of what is not needed any longer in your energy field.

Contains: Rose, Neroli*, Geranium*, Rosewood°, WA Sandalwood°, Palmarosa, Vetiver*, Valerian, Frankincense°, Fragonia™, Kunzea, Palo Santo°, Patchouli*, Lavender, Blue Cypress, Cedar*, Clary Sage, Rose Geranium,  Ylang Ylang* & Vanilla

LOVE’S BLESSINGS Lovingly Supporting Transitions (100% Australian Essential Oil Blend)

Love’s Blessings has been designed for Grief but not only grieving the passing on of loved ones but also for ones own transitions in life when we are stepping into something new and know that we need to let go of that which does not serve us any longer.

Contains: Blue Cypress, Honey Myrtle, Fragonia, Lemon Myrtle & Kunzea 

PLAYFUL HEART There is a Time when Enough is Enough.

A simple blend that surprises on all levels. Allow youself to regenerate with warmth, lightness & positivity. This blend speaks to the playful heart within all of us and increases mental clarity & focus.

Contains: Sweet Orange*, Peppermint* & Cinnamon*

PHOENIX Grounding & Empowering

A gentle invitation to let go, breathe, rejuvenate and lift the energy of our whole human beingness. Allow yourself to arrive in the present moment just to be able to fly forth with new awareness, confidence and energy and enjoy!

Contains: Geranium*, Lavender, Frankincense Sacra°, Australian Blue Cypress & Rosemary

ROSE TRILOGY Uplifting & Mood Enhancing

A soft trio that is empowering on all levels. Evokes harmony and peace and releases deep blockages of the heart.

Contains: Bulgarian Rose Damask, Brazilian Rosewood & Rose Geranium


*=organic/°=wildcrafted Essential Oil

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