Halka B. Organics

JOY & PEACE Natural Christmas ROOM MIST


This heartwarming traditional Halka B. blend transports you to a world where the scent of Oranges, Cinnamons and Cloves set a soft mood for Christmas. Where the scents of Majestic Pine and White Cypress transport us to a deeply embracing Christmas Forrest and where Frankincense and Myrrh calm a busy mind and impart a sense of peace while Oranges imbue the atmosphere with a sense of joy and connection.

A great way to imbue a lovely atmosphere quickly where ever you are. Also, a great way to mist you linen for a sweet dreams night :)

Contains natural alcohol through sugar fermentation, benzoin styrax and  100% pure essential oils of Siberian White Fir, Pine, Sacred Frankincense (boswellia sacra) & Myrrh, Australian White Cypress, Cinnamon, Clove Bud & Orange.

May it support you in creating a beautiful warm ambience over the festive season. 

Peace & Joy.

Not for internal use :)

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