Essence of Australia: DREAMTIME Body Oil

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Uniquely Australian Skin Oil: deeply healing beyond the skin (100ml)

Ingredients: Cold-pressed oils of Macadamia*, Hempseed*, Jojoba, Avocado*, Baobab*. 100% pure essential oils of Kunzea, Blue Cypress, Grade A Sandalwood, Manuka and Fragonia.

100% natural / * = certified organic


DREAMTIME: Soothing ~ Centering ~ Relaxing – Deeply Grounding

Experience the mystic of pure Australian oils as they unfold upon contact with your skin and work their magic.

The ultimate of our Australian line when it comes to healing. With the depth of the Blue Cypress, Sandalwood and Kunzea, “Dreamtime” is an extremely grounding experience. Truly the deep Australian bush experience that holds many healing secrets.


Relief from stress, anxiety, nervous tension & mental exhaustion. Amazing for quick soothing relief from tired muscles and joints.

Blue Cypress

Grounding and stabilizing, relaxing when nervous or distressed, centering.


Australian Sandalwood is calming, relaxing and grounding. It aids with mental clarity, stills the mind, aids in sleeping and meditation and is a highly valued aphrodisiac.


Fragonia essential oil is unique with three oil components in balance with are said to help balance people’s emotions and mind. It has powerful balancing properties, calming, freeing of stress, freeing of past emotional problems and blockages, makes peace on the inside, lifting of grief, tranquility, decrease anxiety. The calming qualities can also assist tired muscles.


Gives a relaxed feeling by fighting depression, anxiety, anger, stress and nervous afflictions and disturbances. This is also good for hypertensive people whose blood pressure shoots up at slightest anxiety or tension.

A luxurious product made from highly nourishing Australian ingredients, including powerful ancient essential oils of Australian healing plants.


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Dreamtime Body Oil

100mL Amber glass bottle with screw cap.


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