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Chemical Free – Burning time 1hr 45min per Stick



Our Frankincense Incense Sticks are made in Oman from our beautiful Hojari Frankincense Sacra. They are chemical free and essential oil free. Purely made from Frankincense Resin & Woods. Each Stick burns for approx. 1hr 45min and has a beautiful distinct Frankincense aroma. Enjoy.

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6 sticks, 10 sticks

1 review for Handmade Frankincense Incense Sticks – Hojari

  1. Ayla

    This is my absolute favourite all time incense!!!! Not all incense is created equal! Frankincense has such a holy vibe. These sticks are so luxurious, they burn beautifully and the stunning scent lingers for hours. You can really feel the spiritual gift of this precious resin.

    • Hali

      Thank you Ayla for taking the time to share with us – highly appreciated. Keep enjoying!

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