Lemon Scented Ironbark Essential Oil


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Eucalyptus Staigeriana

The delicate Australian Native Healer

100% Pure Australian Essential Oil



Lemon Scented Ironbark is soft, delicate, fresh and fruity holding a soft and delicate citrus like scent. Lemon Scented Ironbark carries the scent of wet fresh Australian bush land.

This beautiful delicate Lemon Scented Ironbark Essential Oil is 100% Australian Native and grows in North Queensland.

  • Relaxes and works with the solar plexus in its feminine essence.
  • Uplifting and mood enhancing
  • Stimulating and refreshing
  • Brings clarity of mind
  • May help to restore a natural sleep cycle
  • Can be made into a spray to kill any bacteria in the air, thus purifying the air energetically.
  • It enhances and creates sacred space.
  • Clearing and cleansing in essence
  • Promotes peace happiness and wellbeing
  • Fabulous for the bath and sore tired muscles
  • Promotes well-being
  • May relieve depressive feelings
  • May help clear congestion in the lungs or sinuses
  • May assist with calming children who are a little run down or over stimulated

An Australian Native that is perfect for the rescue kit.

How to use:

Burn 4 – 6 drops in essential oil burner or diffuser to create a calm and soothing environment

Mix 5 drops with one teaspoon of carrier oil and pour into a freshly drawn bath.

Apply 1 or 2 drops to your pillow case at night to help you relax and let go.

Mix 2 -3 drops per 5ml teaspoon of carrier oil or body lotion.  Apply to your shoulders,

neck, face and feet and massage gently.

Caution – Never use undiluted on your skin – use our ROLL ON blend instead if putting straight onto skin.

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Lemon Scented Ironbark

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