Meditation No2 Blend


A deep grounding centering blend for the serious meditator.

Ingredients: WA Grade A Sandalwood, Myrrh, WA Grass Tree, Amazonian Rosewood, White Fir, Rose Damask, Patchouli Heart, Oakmoss, Elemi, Neroli, Galbanum, Labdanum and Bergamot.

Comes in a Roll On to be applied to the skin OR 100% pure Essential Oil for diffusing.



A blend for anyone who wants to take meditation to the next level. Based on ancient resins and woods.

Apply a drop of the essential oil blend into your palms, rub your hands gently together and take this blend through your energy field. Or utilise the more gentle diluted roll on version to apply it intuitively where your body will need it: behind your ears, onto your forehead, onto your neck, onto your temples, onto the souls of the feet or where ever it might want to go – feel it.

A wonderful deepening blend to also add to your oil burner or diffuser.

For a deeper experience, inhale this ancient scent by taking a deep breath and draw the breath through your whole head area into the back of your lower head and neck. On the ex-hale, relax and let go of everything that does not serve you and hinders you for a deeper experience.


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6ml Essential Oil Blend, 12ml Essential Oil Blend, 6ml Roll On in Australian Jojoba Oil


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