Sandalwood Powder


Deeply Woody & Enchanting

100% Pure West Australian Grade A Sandalwood



Sandalwood is known to assist with:

  • Cleansing, purifying, protecting, healing & peaceful
  • Creates a peaceful environment
  • Helps with meditation
  • Strengthens and relaxes
  • Aids with restful sleep
  • Promotes a sense of serenity, sensuality and love
  • Opens the heart
  • Mild aphrodisiac

How to burn Sandalwood powder:

You can just pile up the Sandalwood in a cylinder way and light the top of it. Please do not blow it out as it creates its own little oven from which it will release the scent. Quite magical to watch and amazing to inhale and imbue a sense of serenity and peace into your space 🙂

Additional information

Sandalwood Powder

50gms, 100gms


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