What If …. The First Gathering Circle

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Mini Experiential Seminar “What If…..?”

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What if? … The First Gathering

An experiential mini seminar designed to inspire and imbue your journey with a sense of magic

Tuesday, 12th of February, 6pm-8pm, at A Place to Just Be in East Fremantle

The depth of feeling and intimacy that is available to us to experience in a lifetime is extraordinary; and yet, many chose to live an ordinary life.

What if … is a first gathering, an invitation, an opportunity to join me on a journey as we explore the realms of the heart and mind and learn about ancient ways where we can virtually rewrite the experiential story of our lives to come. Everything that exists in our world, has first existed in a thought. Imagination is your most powerful tool as Albert Einstein once said. My desire is to fuel your imagination by introducing you to new ways of thinking and feeling.

The First Gathering offers you a new framework to view and understand your life’s unfolding. There will be a sequence of gatherings over the next few months.

Each gathering will be unique in its nature ultimately leading up to an experience of a lifetime (if you would like to really dive deep), where myself and some amazing fellow facilitators will invite you to an extraordinary highly experiential event, taking place in Bali.

I trust that the energy conveyed in these few words will suffice for those who need to be there to actually be there. If you feel a pull to join us, please do not hesitate. So, let’s embark on a safe, honouring, respectful, trusting, non-judgemental, non-violent and fun exploration of our most inner beingness as the creators of our lives.

And I leave you with a few words that I have always used to open the first session in my private work with clients for over 20 years: Let’s Play! It’s time. Looking forward to having you in our circle.


PS: Please note that places are strictly limited and the tickets will go on a first come first go basis.

Please email admin@halkab.com.au for further info – if needed 🙂




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