Halka B. Organics

Cedar Sanctuary Blend

Instant Calm:

Please enter my cosy log cabin - all is ok right now.

100% pure Essential Oil Blend


Enter my log cabin with a soft fire gently smothering away. This is a heart warmer for the nature lovers. A wonderful grounding scent imparting a sense of all is ok right now.

It will caress you and gently invite you to ground in yourself. The ancient majestic woods filled with Cedars and Firs with a soft hint of happy Orange and balanced with our West Australia Fragonia to bring it all into harmony.

Essential Oils: Cedarwood Atlas*, Cedarwood Virginian, Cedarwood Himalayan*, Fir C02, Sweet Orange*, Bergamot* (bergaptene free) & West Australian Fragonia (*=organic)

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