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Frankincense & Rose Deluxe Full Body Home Spa

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If you want to gift yourself or a loved one the ultimate FULL BODY Halka B. self care experience, then this is the home spa discovery pack for you.  

Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary, close the doors and allow yourself to receive the vibrations that will be offered to you in forms of a full body care experience. You will feel very different when you walk out of there - that is nearly a promise!

 The FRANKINCENSE & ROSE DELUXE package contains:

  • 1 pure beeswax candle in a metal tin container (no aluminium) to set the mood
  • 50ml of Frankincense & Rose Mist to clear the air and prepare your body, mind & sacred space
  • 25ml Hair Oil (for fair OR dark hair) to loosen your scalp and to nourish your hair
  • 25ml Cleansing Oil (for normal to dry OR normal to oily skin) to draw out anything that has accumulated in your pores – deeply cleansing, healing and opening for vital nutrients
  • 1 organic face cloth to wash off the cleansing oil & the mask
  • 30ml Rose & Seaweed Mask to replenish the nutrients, calm the mind and impart a sense of luxury
  • 50gms Frankincense & Rose Body Scrub to rid your body of dead skin, provide vital nutrients to the skin and prepare it for a soft uptake of the body oils (can be used in the shower or bath)
  • 1 bag of certified organic food grade Rose Petals (to either put into your bath or make yourself a tea with)
  • 10mls Frankincense & Rose Face Oil to offer your skin a high vibrational anti-oxidant rich nourishment
  • 50mls Frankincense & Rose Body Oil to revitalize your body and impart a heavenly scented softness and silkiness to your skin

For a full ingredients list, please visit our individual products on our website.  


This is your gift to yourself. This is YOUR time! Prepare your bathroom with maybe some music? A cup of tea – rose tea? A glass of bubbly? What ever your heart desires.  

MIST the whole bathroom, mist yourself and light the beeswax CANDLE which exudes a faint sweet scent.

Start running your bath but don’t add anything yet! If you have a shower, there is nothing to do right now.

Apply the CLEANSING OIL and massage it generously into your face over all the debris and everything that might have accumulated during the day including make up. Then, leave it be to allow it to draw from the depths of your pores.

Brush your hair gently and apply the HAIR OIL, first massaging it into your scalp and then pulling it through your whole length of hair. Feel your mind letting go and know your journey has began – breathe it all in. Leave it on.

Now it’s time to wash off your cleansing oil. Wet the FACE CLOTH under very warm water so it turns into a towel that you get in an airplane. Then press it onto your face and allow the warmth to open your pores and breathe in the sensation. Repeat the process and gently wipe the cleansing oil in upward circular motions off your face. Dry your face and keep connecting to your breath.

 Take a little cup or plate and mix roughly a teaspoon of the ROSE & SEAWEED powder with some warm water. Please don’t use any metal on the mask as it de-activates the clays. Mix it with your fingers to feel for the right consistency and spread it onto your clean dry face - this mask is filled with valuable Vitamins and Minerals. 

Now step into your bath and immerse your body into the water to soften up the skin and prepare it for the scrub. If you have a shower, do the same under the shower.  

Did you know that water can be energized and structured just with our intention? Your body is over 60% water and your brain about 90% and what that means is that kind and loving thoughts will allow your body to ope up and receive to the fullest and allow your mind to settle into a beautiful dreamlike spaciousness.

So this is the time to connect to the water that touches our bodies or runs over our bodies. Feel the sensation of nearly merging with the water. Be in a state of appreciation and allow your heart to feel a sensation of opening up.

Now, take the FRANKINCENSE & ROSE BODY SCRUB and stand up in the bath or aside from the shower and gently massage the scrub all over your body. Feel your body, appreciate your body in whatever form it appears to you, love your body! You are not just shedding old skin but offering your skin vital minerals and nutrients and you are activating its circulatory system. Truly enjoy this moment with yourself.

Now if you are in the bath, immerse yourself back into the water and enjoy. Enjoy your drink, enjoy your music, breath in the gentle scent that rises from the water and enjoy the sacredness of this moment. A full sensory experience! When you’re ready, you can jump into the shower to wash off everything including your hair oil.

After you have washed off everything, wash your hair as you would normally.

Dry yourself and apply the FRANKINCENSE & ROSE Face oil first and then the FRANKINCENSE & ROSE BODY OIL. Feel your skin! Feel your whole beingness. Breathe in the wonder of you! 

Now, you are truly ready for anything. Enjoy!

 Each pack comes with a product information. 

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