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Hand Made Natural Incense Bars

Sale price$19.42

100% chemical & glue free heavenly burning experience

Contains: 4 Natural Incense Bars; Dreamtime, Prayer, Reverence &  any one that we have available.



Important message: Please note that the bars are larger and there will be only 4 bars in a box!




Please enjoy a selection of our NATURAL GLUE & CHEMICAL FREE INCENSE BARS. Handcrafted in Fremantle by the wonderful people of TRIBE EARTH.


 TRIBE EARTH is all about sustainable Golden Heart Palo Santo from Peru and sharing the passion for our precious resins from Oman, Yemen & Mexico. The incense bars is a combined effort to bring you the purest and most amazing incense experience. The result is an amazing unique burning offering with a heavenly scent and good vibes.


 How to burn: Please use our little charcoal burner with the gridBreak a piece from the bar, light with a flame, blow out, place on the grid and enjoy!


 May the magic of nature connect you to the present moment where joy and passion arise.


Blessings to you.



DREAMTIME Wildcrafted West Australian Sandalwood blended with West Australian Balga Resin 

PRAYER Wildcrafted West Australian Sandalwood blended with Hojari Frankincense from Oman.

REVERENCE Wildcrafted West Australian Sandalwood blended with Hojari Frankincense and Myrrh from Oman.

PEACEFUL WARRIOR Wildcrafted West Australian Sandalwood blended with Patchouli Leaves.


Please note this selection might change depending on what is available. During these times deliveries of raw materials are unpredictable. Thank you for your understanding. If you are fixed for the above selection, please email us first.