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Sandalwood Sanctuary Valentine's Day Gift Love Offering


Our wish for your loved one - or yourself - with this little pack:

Transform your bathroom into a true Sanctuary of the bliss and enjoy a moment in the presence of warm Sandalwood wrapped in heavenly spices of Black Pepper and White Fir. This is your time and you deserve it, the perfect gift for you or your Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day.

This gift pack is beautifully packaged as per the picture with a bonus of 3 heavenly 100% natural Frankincense Incense Sticks. Only limited packages are available and only until Valentine's Day.


120g BODY SCRUB for shower or bath

A body scrub that fills the whole bathroom with a soft scent of the Australian Outback where the Sandalwood is plenty and imparts to your skin a warm sense of renewal. An simple yet luxurious blend seasoned gently with spicy Black Pepper, Amyris Bark, majestic sweet White Fir and gentle Orange Blossoms.

Just wet your body and scrub away.

Please note, if you would like to use it in your bath, just immerse your body fully into the water and then stand up and scrub away that which is not needed any longer emotionally and physically before you re-immerse yourself into the bathwater again.

Body Scrub contains: Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, Sandalwood Powder, Epsom Salt & French Clay plus 100% pure essential oils of Sandalwood, Amyris Bark, White Fir, Black Pepper & Orange Blossom.

50ml BODY OIL for everyday moisture or use as a Massage Oil

Your body will be ready to absorb and utilize the sensual Body Oil based on the deeply softening and highly nourishing oils of certified organic Moroccan Argan, Baobab, Hemp, Moringa, Black Cumin and Avocado unfolding the essence of the SANDALWOOD SANCTUARY Essential Oil House Blend.  Enjoy.

6ml PERFUME Roll On

Take the essence of love and joy with you where ever you might go in this handy 6ml Roll on.  Contains the SANDALWOOD SANCTUARY 100% pure essential oil houseblend in Australian Jojoba Oil.

SANDALWOOD SANCTUARY 100% pure essential oil houseblend contains: Australian High Grade Sandalwood, White Fir, Black Pepper & Orange Blossoms


SANDALWOOD SANCTUARY Valentine’s Pack contains as listed above:

  • 120gms Body Scrub for Shower or Bath
  • 50mls Body/Massage Oil
  • 6ml Perfume Roll On

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