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Smudge Kit


Smudge yourself back into Harmony. 

I wonder what your smudging ceremony might be ... here is a native American smudging intention that I love:
I smudge to clear the energy field around me to create a sacred space.
➢I smudge to clean my mind so that I will have good thoughts of others.
➢ I smudge my eyes so that I will only see the good in others.
➢ I smudge my ears so that I will only listen to positive things about others.
➢ I smudge my mouth so that I will only speak of well of others.
➢ I smudge my whole being, so I will portray only the good part of myself through my actions.
In the intention of our smudging lies the potential of all realities - let’s choose our words wisely. Smudge for love 😍

Contains Peruvian Palo Santo around 30gms (2-3 pieces) mini Californian White Sage Sticks around 25 gms (1-3Sticks) beeswax candle and metal cup, extra large Abalone shell and handmade Smudge feather (black goose) 

We have only a limited amount of these beautiful feathers so these packs will only be available while stock lasts. 

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