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Delux Tea for Two - FEEL GOOD A very gentle time out

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A beautiful way to take some precious time out with a loved one. Our FEEL GOOD blend tastes more like a softly enchanting, magically fresh, gentle rose tea than just a 'herbal' tea. It has been well loved by many of our clients, even those who don't like herbal teas! So we have chosen it for this unique little TEA FOR TWO pack this Christmas. 


  • 60gms of loose FEEL GOOD TEA Blend consisting of 100% pure certified organic botanicals of Stinging Nettle Leaf, Lemon Verbena, Rose Petals & Red Clover 
  • 2 beautiful unique strainers in brass & nickel with a little holding bowl once the strainer is removed from the cup.

Organic Stinging Nettle
Known to strengthen your adrenals and provide you with a tone of vital nutrients. 
Organic Lemon Verbena
Adds a refreshing taste and helps de-stressing a sluggish system.
Organic Rose Petals
Rose adds sensuality and a powerhouse of nutrients that balance, sooth and detox your systems and a touch of love.
Organic Red Clover
An all over tonic and immune system builder. Valued for its high anti-cancer properties.

Each pack contains the above description. 

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