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White Frankincense Bliss TRIO A gentle lemony limy heavenly Experience

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Let go and reset every cell in your body to peace and deep content. Allow the gentle lemony limy scent of the White Hojari Frankincense to wash away worries and install an amazing sense of calm. Frankincense is very well known for calming a busy overactive mind. 

Burn the 100% pure essential oil of the White Hojari Frankincense from Oman (boswellia sacra) in a diffuser to prepare a heavenly atmosphere in your bathroom and then treat yourself with a full body scrub (shower or bath) and a heavenly nourishing high vibrational body oil - you will feel the magic unfolding. 

Frankincense was used to anoint the newborn sons of kings and priests! In the ancient scriptures Frankincense is mentioned as an oil that embraces God’s image in us. (Genesis 1:26). It has been used for ages to calm the nervous system, enhance meditation and elevate spiritual consciousness. Modern science has found that it resets cellular memory thus promoting healing, cellular regeneration and acts as an immune builder. In clinical trials, it was found to outperform any known anti-depressant to man. This is our most amazing oil and we pride ourselves to have found an amazing family distillery in Oman who distils our Frankincense.

May you enjoy this little spa package and melt into an amazing state of beingness.

This is how YOUR journey begins: If you can, please allow yourself the bath experience, if not, then the shower version is still amazingly nurturing. Prepare your bathroom for your special time, prepare your bathroom by diffusing the White Frankincense Essential Oil, light a candle or two or ???, put your favourite music on or just enjoy the quiet solitude, run your bathtub and wait till its full. Then immerse your body into the water and allow your skin to soften. Stand up and scrub the White Hojari Frankincense Body Scrub all over you and immerse yourself back into your water this time with all the cleansing scrub on your skin. Enjoy the soak for as long as you desire allowing your body to de-stress, detox and to regenerate and uplift. Take a moment to connect deeply to yourself, the essential oils will help and guide you. When you washed it all off, dry your body and apply the heavenly White Hojari Frankincense Body Oil all over your body and face mindfully. Appreciate your body in what ever forms it appears to you. Honour it, love it, feel it! Breathe … and ENJOY a new space of your being-ness.


White Hojari FRANKINCENSE BODY SCRUB for Bath or Shower 120gms: This scrub contains Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Magnesium Sulphates (Epsom Salt), Seaweed, Sandalwood Powder, Zeolite, heavenly Rhassoul Clay from Morocco, Australian Jojoba Oil and of course 100% pure Essential Oils of White Hojari Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra) from Oman

White Hojari FRANKINCENSE BODY OIL 50mls: This one is an extremely light oil with amazing moisturising abilities and an amazingly calming and uplifting scent of the Omani limy/lemony boswellia sacra White Hojari Frankincense. It contains a ton of valuable nutrients and the vibration is one of LETTING GO & RESETTING every cell for healing and a felt sense of PEACE. It is truly a magical oil not only for the skin but also for the soul.

Contains: Cold pressed Moroccan Argan oil*, baobab oil*, moringa oil*, black cumin seed oil*, hempseed oil*, avocado oil*, 100% pure plant essential oils of wild-harvested frankincense (boswellia sacra) and natural vitamin E.

*=certified organic ingredients

White Hojari FRANKINCENSE 6mls: 100% pure Essential Oil distilled from the White Hojari Frankincense by a small family business in Oman. The vibration, the scent, the benefits are hard to match. This oil is safe to be applied directly to the skin if you wish to add touches onto your pulses to carry the scent on you - everyday - all day! 

Each pack contains the above description.

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