Here is an opportunity to provide your system with an array of vital nutrients and anti-oxidants. Your skin is your leather and to maintain its healthy appearance and substance you will find nothing better than raw cold-pressed body oils. Oils are like the immune system of the plant and if you want to combat dry skin, you use oils that come from a plant that has to withstand harsh and dry conditions. These plants have it all sorted – what a blessing for us! Your skin will soak it up and your body will immerse itself into the healing vibrations of each oil blend and appreciate that little extra help. Use body oils as everyday moisturizers, as dermal health supplements (bypassing the gastrointestinal system) or as healing massage oils. What our clients find, is that their immune system seems to be coping better and their overall moods improve. This is alchemy! And here is a little tip: Even though mainstream science is still talking about cell absorption, these oils offer a vibration to you and if you are appreciative of it and connect to it, you will notice the effect in your whole body. Feel, enjoy, love and appreciate your body and allow it to connect to nature’s frequency and feel the difference! Please don’t forget that oils carry only oil soluble nutrients these body oils work at its very best longterm if combined with our mineral rich and vital water soluble nutrients found in our bath and shower products. As you shed your old skin, you will find the oils will support a silky soft whole new experience of your outer physical layer.  ENJOY!

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