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Halka B. Organics – our sacred alchemy based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Experience the finest, purest and most potent gifts that nature has to offer – ancient secrets rediscovered by modern science.

Welcome to our world and this is us straight from our hearts…

  • we believe in the wisdom and power of the plants if we just leave them pure
  • we believe that beauty is an extension of feeling good in your skin
  • we believe that the skin is naturally glowing and beautiful in all stages of unfolding
  • we believe that the body is our temple and is only a condensed form of universal energy
  • we believe that everything is energy, frequency and vibration & that stillness and passion is the key to feeling into it
  • we believe that the plants’ offerings are only as high in vibration as we truly honour, respect and work with them
  • we believe that beauty and happiness is a reflection of our own nature
  • we believe that self care is a sacred ritual
  • we believe that a scent is an invitation that is set by intention – masterfully synergising when blended lovingly
  • we believe in the principle of unconditional and reciprocal love to oneself, to all living beings and to Mother Earth.

Our wish is that our offerings will serve you in the honouring of your body, imbue your journey with deep appreciation, joy & grace and enhance your sense of peace and connection in the midst of a busy mind. 

We use only 100% pure active nutrients for your skin and well-being sourced ethically and sustainably from organic and small high energy farming communities around the world to offer you the richest nutrients and antioxidants for your skin and your health – guided by a business philosophy we call SOETE. This stands for {sustainable farming practices}, {alive, organic or wild-crafted 100% active ingredients}, {ethical trading}, {transparent business practices} and {empowering you, humanity, the earth and animal kingdom}.




100% natural raw organic toxin free skin care full of vital antioxidants.

‘Our skin care is really SELF CARE which comes truly from self love’

Our products have been uniquely designed to superfeed your skin naturally. Our ingredients have been carefully sourced and are utilised in its most raw and unprocessed states to maintain maximum nutrition and benefits for your skin. They are water-free, chemical-free & palmoil-free. They look, smell and feel different but so will your skin. We often underestimate the nutritional value to our health and well-being of a good quality product applied to the skin which is directly available to our body bypassing the acidity of the stomach. Your skin is your largest organ and what ever you put onto it, ends up in one form or another in your blood stream, you might as well use to superfeed your whole beingness.

What you will find in our products is a rich assortment of naturally active antioxidants and essential nutrients. They protect your skin from destructive molecules called free radicals which are greatly responsible for the health as well as the ageing process of our skin. There is a multitude of antioxidants available to us but they are designed to work together not in isolation. Our products provide you with a ‘smorgasbord’ of antioxidants naturally which combine to create a powerful nourishing, healing and protective boost not only to your skin but your general well-being. We like to make you FEEL GOOD in your skin!

Our products are raw, vegan, cold-pressed, organic where ever possible and free of water, any GMOs and potentially harmful additives, fillers, fragrances, deodorizers and colours. Please note that we prefer a small happy family or community supplier over a large commercial certified organic producer as we are strong believers that every raw ingredient comes with an energetic blue print of where it is coming from. Of course, we add that final touch by carefully handcrafting each product in small batches at our sacred lab in Fremantle, WA. 

NEW: As we like to formulate based on our clients’ needs, we are now offering a toothpowder and mouthwash in our ORAL CARE section for all those who need to take some extra care for their gums and teeth. 


100% unadulterated cold-pressed oils & superfoods for your health.

Nature’s most potent and pure offerings. Support your internal health and enhance every dish with cold-pressed precious oils of DEMETER certified biodynamic or certified organic Black Cumin Seeds. Even though, we carefully select the seeds from Egyptian soils, we press the oils in Switzerland and Germany to avoid any treatment of the seeds upon entering Australia. Processed into oils already, there are no issues of importing them, this assures a high vibrational living oil. These oils have been widely researched for their exceptional health benefits. Humanity has utilised these oils for millennia with powerful results for intestinal health, cardiovascular health, potency, asthma, arthritis, skin problems like eczema and psoriasis and just about anything that you can imagine. Incorporate them into your daily culinary experience as gourmet delights to boost your health naturally or potent powerful healing agents.

Since 2011 we have been offering our clientele our certified organic BAOBAB FRUIT PULP POWDER – the king of superfruits! The benefits have been amazing: Boost your digestive system with this deliciously tangy tasting naturally dried fruit powder rich in dietary fibres, Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese and more antioxidants than acai, goji, blueberries or cranberries.

“The healing synergy of any plant is unsurpassed
and can not be matched by extracted parts thereof.”

Nature cannot be patented; yet, in unmodified nature we find the most potent and valuable solutions to increase the health of our skin and to prevent and combat so many of our current skin and general health problems. We package nature pure so you too can enjoy the benefits of these ancient oils and delights that have powerfully served whole civilisations for thousands of years.

People from all walks of life and all ages are discovering and enjoying our products for various personal reasons but what we all have in common is a desire to taste and feel the pure luxuries that nature is offering to us in the most purest form possible.

Please note that our products come directly from nature itself – their path from grower to our production facility has been carefully monitored to ensure that you will gain the most benefits from their highly nourishing properties. 

ENJOY your discovery into an all new and yet ancient experience of skin care that leaves your skin not only well nourished but silky soft and smooth. We have proudly sourced the most luxurious oils and butters from all around the world – nature’s gift to us. We are honouring this gift each day anew by creating and sourcing products that respectfully keep these precious gifts alive. And that is our gift to you.

All our products are vegan and are proudly handcrafted in small batches in beautiful Fremantle, Western Australia. Neither our raw supplies nor our finished products have been tested on animals.

As we have adapted our products as time went by, please feel welcomed to contact us should you not find what you are looking for in our online shop. Thank you. 


100% chemical-free variation to enhance any home and a sense of well-being.

We offer a small collection of precious raw Omani Hojari Frankincense, Australian Sandalwood, Peruvian Palo Santo and Mexican Copals plus highest grades of natural, glue and chemical-free incense sticks & bars and 100% pure Essential Oils. These products are precious and we put good care into sourcing only from communities that meet our high ethical standards in relation to both, people and nature (fair-trade and sustainability).


Halka B. Organics was initiated in 2011 and grew into a small business that not only incorporates products for skin care but also for internal health, general well-being and the scented home. Today, the Halka B. shop in Fremantle offers many alchemy and artisan products for educated people who have an ethical passion for life. Getting in touch with our hearts and feeling good in our skin is a vital component of not only our skin’s health but our overall well-being. Hope to see you there one day!

And this is what Halka B. has to say about her line of raw skin care products.

“Who is a Halka B. Organics client?”

Men and women of all ages and from all walks of life really – sometimes I’d like to call the Champagne Hippies and sometimes Cacao-Hippies but then again, they all seem very sophisticated and extreme lovers of life. But what stands out after our nearly 10 years in business is that these people have a healthy sense of self love and self worth or the desire to ‘re-acquire’ that. I would describe it as if one would like to bring forth the inner beauty and externalise it. Bring the skin in alignment with who we are and make it glow. Therefore, the application of our skin care products is more like a ritual, it is an honouring of oneself, it is an appreciation of our journey so far and there is a desire to bring the skin into alignment with the beauty within that we have found on this journey or vice-versa. Yes, more often than not, we want a sense of revival but this revival you can feel in every cell within your body not only in the skin. There is always an emotional or psychological component to it and that affects our skin immensely. So with our skin care we try to take this into consideration by offering products that speak to those parts and impart a sense of well-being. Once people get used to that, and fall in love with their skins, it becomes like an addiction.

It is quite bizarre to give it words because it is certainly strange to people at first but once they get going, they feel not only their skin improving but they start feeling better within themselves. And that is exactly the point, the skin does not operate in isolation of the rest of your body or your emotional world. It is one big wonderfully orchestrated close relationship. And that is what I would like to honour. There is no way I would like to fix anything in a harsh and pushy way, my aim was always to empower the resources that are already present within the system. I think it is truly arrogant to talk about scientific research papers in isolation. We are only at the beginning of our scientific inquiry and nothing, nothing is more capable of fixing ourselves than ourselves given the right environment. I’d like to see our products as enhancing to this environment.

After nearly 10 years of having witnessed that and having spoken to thousands of clients there is a trust that we are operating from a point of understanding that is beneficial to our people. I want people to feel good, I want people to shine and I want them to honour themselves and their skins and provide just one vehicle for that and that is what I am offering – nothing more and nothing less.
And if people return because they get results and they feel good and have a smile on their face, then I feel my job is done and for that I am utterly grateful. We know so little, yet, try to explain so much.

Science is showing that each product, be it what we put into our mouth, onto our skins or what we breath in holds an energetic blueprint of how and where it was grown and handled. We are aware of this and it is in our highest mission to work with high vibrational raw materials to offer you something unique and filled with the most amazing life force. This is why we still handcraft in small batches only. No machinery. No outsourcing. And that is also the reason why many people might purchase the same thing somewhere else at times and feel that it is not the same at all. Each manufacturer has its own energy field that the product passes through. This energetic imprint can lift, enhance and support or totally destroy the value of a raw material. I’d like to believe we lift, enhance and support it.

“What has been your motivation to create Halka B. Organics and how did you come about creating a business philosophy you call SOETE and who are you?”

A friend of mine made chocolates and I started utilising the cacao butter for body butters and as I was experimenting more and more with them, I became hooked. They felt fantastic, they smelled great and they did wonders for my skin but for a business, they had one flaw: they melted in their pots in our Australian summer and people were not used to this sort of behaviour from their skin creams. So I thought, we will do the right thing: I hired a bio-chemist and learned to make conventional organic skin care. But I did not like what I was learning. Nor did I like the waxes, the preservatives (even if food-grade) or the percentage of watery substances in the creams. I found that unnecessary and misleading and started asking myself what for

“If you want to truly create natural luxurious skin care, then you need to go 100% water-free.” I was told. And so I did and created a wonderfully nourishing top quality raw skin care range that I wanted to make affordable to everyone.

I wanted to work with the best oils available so I started sourcing myself directly from communities around the world. Some stories I encountered have inspired me to view my business beyond organic and fairtrade. And out of this all grew our business philosophy SOETE which stands for Sustainable, Organic (or wildcrafted – generally meaning living), Ethical, Transparent and Empowering. And with ’empowering’ I truly mean on all levels: empowering to our skin, empowering to our internal health, empowering to the people that are involved along the production line of the ingredient or oil, empowering to nature and animal kingdom – and this begins with sourcing but goes straight through to packaging our products.

Working with the skin, one truly is working with the whole of a person. But what affects the health of our skin most is the digestive tract and the immune system. So we started to look at internal oils and health wholefood supplements. I fell in love with the purity of these products and how easy it was to incorporate them into our culinary plan. It was just a natural progression to incorporate health oils and supplements into a skin care business. In business terms this is called nutricosmetics – we just call it a holistic approach to internal and external health.

And who is Halka B.?

Good question – let me try to sum up my journey and viewpoint on life:

I journeyed through motherhood, academia and the corporate world. My involvements with international leaders and colleagues in the field of psychology & spirituality created a whole professional community of practitioners dedicated to Hakomi, a mindfulness based bodycentred psychotherapy, in Western Australia. I am an eternal student and lover of life and a keen explorer of the energetic wisdoms. I founded Halka B. Organics in 2011, initially only offering the first raw skin care in Australia, but truly fell in love with the amazing alchemy of plants and raw aromatics.

I truly believe we might have forgotten about how to access our deeper connections to the universal or greater wisdom within but the plants have not. Today, I feel guided to help us reconnect within and without, to bring love and peace to our hearts so we can safely move forward on our personal journey with joy, passion and a deeper knowing. You have to be a little bit mad to work the way I do but there is no iota of doubt in me any longer that this is the right way for me. My teachers are the many colleagues who are equally passionate and happy to share their wisdom, the plants themselves and, of course, my clients – my gratitude goes out to all of them. Only as long as we are learning and growing, we are living; and I love to live fully, passionately, madly. For that, I feel we need to be open, appreciative, trusting and humble enough to receive the often mysterious and magical offerings that come our way – and they come in many unexpected forms and shapes. My daughter wrote a poem when she was 11 years old and she ended it on a line that read:

“There is always more of you.”

I truly believe there is, and it is our journey to unfold more of us, to make it our sacred journey and to dedicate our life to it and help others on their journey. The key, for me, is curiosity, an open heart and a sense of humor. I invite people to connect to our products, to be curious about them and to use them as their companion on this mysterious journey called life. There is nothing more rewarding to me that when I leave everything and everyone I come into contact with in a better place. If my life and my work can inspire others and affect them in a positive way, then my heart is at peace.

Sending much love & good vibes to all of your journeys.

Halka B.