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Natural Nutrient Rich Skincare & Botanical Artisan Perfumes.

Frankincense, Aromatics & Essential Oils

Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil & Baobab Powder.


 Welcome in these times of change – we truly hope you and your loved ones are travelling as lightly as possible.

Yes, our shop is still open for business and we also are very busy with online orders. Sending good vibes to you all.

The passion we are sharing is more important than ever and your body, mind & soul will appreciate you looking after yourself. We have added a SPECIALS page in our main menu with some goodies for you to enjoy.

There are many ways to make yourself feel good in your skin. Your mind is certainly one of your most powerful agents but with our nearly 10 years experience we have learned how easy it is to make a true difference in people’s lives.  Be invited to explore a world of high vibrational products for your skin & your well-being; be it for your everyday self-care or for those special moments of connection within as without. It is a world of scents, oils, powders, resins and herbs that were created by nature for you to enjoy. Enhance your senses. Empower your skin and support your immune system.

Our products sure might feel different but so will you.

100% cruelty free, palm oil free, and free from petrochemicals, synthetic preservatives and fragrances.

We thank Mother Earth for these treasures and we thank you for sharing our passion in supporting farmers and distillers that care equally. May you enjoy this wonderful collection of nature’s delights as we offer them to you in their raw form or lovingly blended to serve your very special needs and wants.

Our products are not only made with love but they are made FOR love.

There is no more intimate connection than between beauty and well-being.

If you find yourself in beautiful Fremantle in Western Australia, please come and visit our shop or as our clients lovingly call it our ‘sacred alchemy’. All online orders are handled between Wed and Sat and are delivered via Australia Post in Western Australia and via EXPRESS Australia Post to the rest of the world. If there is something you can’t find on our website, please email us – thank you.

A very warm welcome and thank you for stopping by. We wish you a wonderful and magical day.

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