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24K Gold Rose Embrace Full Body Oil Immerse yourself into the frequency of love

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An 'hommage to your body'. Immerse yourself in a bouquet of high vibrational Roses from all over the world infused into the stunningly beautiful Genet and experience the amazing vibration of pure 24K Gold and high vibrational Rose on your skin! THIS IS YOUR TIME!  The scent of this unique blend is delicate and well balanced and unfolds gently from an underlying vibration of a scent that is reminiscent of a fresh green magical garden in the morning dew. The vibration is harmonising to the body, mind & soul. A heartfelt master blend!

The 24K GOLD ROSE EMBRACE Body Oil feels soft and silky to the skin and to the soul like coming home to yourself for a rest. The cold-pressed base oil blend is a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants, is easily absorbable and works in unison with your skin. The gold is absorbed instantly and imparts a luxurious sense of honouring yourself. Lovingly hand blended in small batches to offer you an outstanding experience physically and energetically.

About 100% pure Rose Essential Oils

Rose Essential oils vibrate around 320MHz one of the highest vibrations of any essential oils. Taking time out to immerse oneself into this vibration with full enjoyment is an amazingly warm and soft experience. It feels like coming home as stress and worries lower our natural vibration significantly. So this is our always well received gift to you where we blend high quality Roses from Bulgaria, Turkey & Morocco together to offer a warm Rosy embrace to your soul. 

About 24K GOLD

Gold has been recognised for millennia as a healing agent on all levels. Egyptians believed the healing power of gold could cure anything on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Cleopatra used gold for a radiant complexion. In ancient China medicine, gold was the secret to youthful skin.

Recent testing by the prestigious Skin Test Institute in Switzerland demonstrates remarkable effects of Gold:

Gold promotes collagen synthesis, renews skin cells, improves circulation and secretion of toxins, reduces break down of elastin and increases elasticity by activating basal cells of the skin, maintains and improves hydration, acts as an immuno stimulant, presents as a powerful scavengers for oxidative stress that aid in the elimination/reduction of free radicals. Furthermore, it reveals a strong activity to protect the skin agains UV radiations and other environmental pollutants, prevents the skin from sagging; thus, making it firm and toned and makes you feel good, imparts a rich glow and makes the skin healthy, fresh and radiant. 

Contains: Cold-pressed Moroccan Argan Oil*, Baobab Oil*, Hempseed Oil*, Moringa Oil*, Black Cumin Seed Oil*, Avocado Oil* and 100% pure essential oils of Bulgarian Rose Otto, Rose Damask, Turkish Rose Damask, Moroccan Rosa Centifolia, Genet, Tomato Leaf & natural Vitamin E and of course pure 24K food-grade Gold flakes 

100% Natural / * = Organic   Packaged in 50mls dark Amber Glass