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Hair & Beard

An oil can do wonders for the health of your hair and your scalp. Our blended Hair Oils are designed to be massaged in before you wash your hair not only to keep your hair naturally soft, shiny, silky and healthy but also to encourage vital blood circulation throughout the scalp. Moroccan Argan oil is often utilised as a leave in conditioning oil to tame frizzy hair and as a protective agent to prevent the hair to dry out as it is a lighter oil to work with. In our culture, we often underestimate the value of a good head massage and oils. Your hair depends on a healthy mechanism from within to grow strong and keep its natural glow and touch. Our hair oils are the favourites with people whose cultural background has promoted the regular use of oils on hair and scalp to strengthen the hair and encourage growth for thousands of years. Make a head massage with our hair blends your regular habit and notice how they can benefit your well-being way beyond the hair and scalp.

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