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Sultan Oudh Bakhoor Oman

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A mystical aromatic incense blend from Oman - 30gms. Comes packaged in an amber glass jar to protect the scent and moisture content. 

Traditionally, bakhoors are blends that are based on precious oudh (agarwood) and/or spices and marinated in 100% essential oils. In Oman, these blends are traditionally prepared by local women according to their own sacred and secret family recipes and sold in local souqs (markets). So please note that we have really no idea what is in them :) 

When we were last in Oman, we found this blend and looooved it. Hope you will enjoy it too. We use it as a spicy, soft and mystical add on to burning our Frankincense but you can also just enjoy burning it by itself on charcoal or on a candle burner.


Within each offering, lies a unique harmony resonating with nature, humanity, and the animal kingdom.