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Natural Frankincense Incense Sticks - Hojari

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An ancient way to calm your mind and imbue your space with a sense of peace and joy. 

Our natural Frankincense sticks are free of any nasty glues or binders and free of any essential oils or artificial fragrances. Purely made from sustainably sourced Sacred Frankincense resin also called Frankincense gum Boswellia Sacra and Woods in Oman.

Each Stick burns for approx. 1hr 45min and has a beautiful distinct Frankincense and woody aroma. Enjoy.

Incense sticks are an easy way to enjoy the calming and clearing benefits of the amazing Frankincense. Our people use it for imbuing a peaceful atmosphere into their homes and sacred spaces, for meditation, contemplative practices and for situation where concentration and focus is required. Many offices burn frankincense these days and the feedback is a calmer and happier work crew :) We love it!


Within each offering, lies a unique harmony resonating with nature, humanity, and the animal kingdom.