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Essence of Australia: Sandalwood Body Oil Release Tension & Instill a sense of serenity

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Pure serenity. This is a soft deep woody experience. "Sandalwood" calms and soothes our minds and souls, working on our body and inner most being alike. Sandalwood has a great ability to dive deep into the part of the body where tension resides and is a great ally for anyone who is after a sense of peace and serenity - emotionally and physically.

A luxurious product made from highly nourishing Australian ingredients, including powerful ancient essential oils of Australian healing plants. Our HIGH GRADE West Australian Sandalwood is known to have >25% santalol content and is ethically sourced and uniquely distilled in Western Australia honouring the sacred healing powers of the plant itself. This patented distillation process provides a high quality oil unlike any others.

Ingredients: Cold-pressed oils of Macadamia*, Hempseed*, Jojoba, Apricot*, Baobab*. 100% pure essential oil of High Grade A West Australian Sandalwood (santalum spicatum)

100% natural / * = certified organic

Experience the mystic of pure Australian oils as they unfold upon contact with your skin and work their magic.