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Nail & Foot Oil Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal

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Nail & Foot Oil:

A light beautiful oil to look after your nails & cuticles and keep your feet soft (bacteria & fungus free)

Bacteria love to live in the hardened skin on your feet. Coupled with natural sweating, this can cause a scent that might not be adored by everyone. This oil was designed to reduce the bacterial and fungal content on your feet and keep your feet nice and soft. Many people reported that by using this every day, they also noticed that their cuticles and their hands were automatically softened and smoothed out. 

This is an oil that we have developed for a client initially to tackle his toe nails that thickened and started to discolour through fungal activity. It has become a great aid for many people. Consistency is the key with this oil if you are working with a problem area.

Can also be used to just keep your nails & feet healthy and as a preventative for any fungal or bacterial infections. 

Great to use after shower or a footbath. 

Ingredients: Pure cold-pressed oils of Tamanu* & Black Cumin Seed* & pure essential oils of Oregano, Rosalina, Lemon Tea Tree, Thyme*, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Lavender, Calendula CO2, Myrrh & .Manuka
* = certified organic

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