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Body Scrub & Body Oil Discovery Pack

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Enjoy our BODY SILK Discovery Pack
Three Body Scrubs 50gms each & Three Body Oils 25mls each

A great little discovery pack to experience how powerful our little combos are. 

Exfoliate – Detox – Cleanse – Invigorate – Awaken – Soften – Nourish – Energise – Balance  & truly FEEL GOOD!

Feeling like your skin & soul need a serious REVIVAL and some LOVING CARE to get into summer mode but can’t decide which way to go? Then this little summer sample discovery pack is a fantastic opportunity to experience first hand what has been a favourite body care routine for many of our clients for years. A truly alchemical experience. Feel your skin and mood transform! Be prepared to be amazed by the silkiness of your skin and deep sense of resting within yourself!


Our body scrubs are invigorating and extremely cleansing, nourishing & detoxifying experience for mind, soul & body alike. They shed the old dead skin and allow your skin to be silky soft and ready for an amazing uptake of nourishing body oils. If you have not used them before then you are in for a real treat!

Himalayan pink and black sea salts have been used for centuries to stimulate circulation, hydrating dry skin, detoxing and increasing moisture retention and reducing inflammation. On an emotional & spiritual level they relieve stress, enhance a sense of balance and peace and restore a sense of lightness and well-being. On an energetic level, it rids of stagnant energy that does not serve us any longer.

Seaweed is a great antioxidant and contains iodine, selenium as well as amino acids to help firm and renew tissues and beta-carotene to improve skin texture.

Of course, we have added some powerful and yummy extras like Australian cold-pressed Jojoba, Australian White Kaolin clay, Zeolite, heavenly soft Moroccan Rhassoul Clay and Australian Grade A Sandalwood Powder and pure essential oils.

The Oceanic one is based on coffee, seaweed and black sea salts. Coffee holds many secrets,  besides its known effects to reduce cellulite and being a great UV protective agent, it is a GREAT mood regulator and immune system & energy booster packed with vital antioxidants. And with added black sea salt, this one is a powerful energy cleanser cherished by many healers. One of our favourites! 

About the BODY OILS

Our Body Oils are blended to feel extremely light and for quick absorbtion with amazing moisturising abilities and powerful soft scents. They contain a ton of valuable nutrients and the vibration is one of caring and loving oneself just that little bit more. They are truly magical oils not only for the skin but also for the soul.

They contain: Cold pressed Moroccan Argan oil*, Baobab oil*, Moringa* oil, Black Cumin Seed* oil, Hempseed oil*, Avocado oil* plus 100% pure plant essential oils and natural vitamin E. (100% natural – *=certified organic)

OCEANIC 100% pure essential oils of Australian sandalwood, ginger, coffee, turmeric, rosewood, patchouli*, ylang ylang* & grapefruit

WHITE FRANKINCENSE 100% pure essential oil of Omani White Hojari Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra)

FRANKINCENSE & ROSE 100% pure essential oils of Omani White Hojari Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra) and Bulgarian & Moroccan Rose 

How to use these little gifts from nature?

Step into the shower, connect to the water – lovingly - and wet your body. We are over 60% water and our brain consists of about 90% water, so the connection to water in any form is a life affirming experience! Plus water reacts beautifully to your mood and appreciation! So, now that your skin & soul is in connection with water, step aside, take a scoop of any Body Scrub and rub gently all over your body - feel your body and love it just that little bit more. Once the whole body is done, step back under the shower to wash off. When you washed it all off, dry your body and apply the heavenly Body Oil all over your body.

Appreciate your body in whatever form it appears to you. Honour it, love it, feel it - breathe it in - fully!

… and enjoy your new space of your being-ness and your super silky soft skin.

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