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BushPower Blend

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Bush Power:

A wonderful healer but also a great ally for meditation, contemplation & mindfulness based practices or when ever you work on the deeper levels of self, aiding in physical and emotional healing & well being.

Ingredients: Fragonia, Kunzea, Rosalina & Blue Cypress.

100% Pure essential oil blend.


It is amazing what nature produces in the harsh environment of the Australian Outback. Be surprised by the gentleness of this oil combination and feel the inherent power in it. Be empowered and enjoy!

This is powerhouse combination of oils that you will want to use over and over again. Just allow your body to guide you how to best utalize it. You can virtually smell the goodies in this one. It is virtually a fertilizer for the body, mind and soul and would also be highly beneficial in every first aid kit.

The oils have been found to offer you the following benefits:

  • Releasing Physical and emotional pain

  • Offering clarity of thought

  • Uplifting and reassuring

  • Moving your whole beingness towards self-respect and dignity

  • Raising your vital life force

  • Extremely grounding and comforting

  • Relief of muscular aches and pains

  • Calming and relaxing

  • Aiding in healthier sleep and stress relief

  • Easing chest congestion and infections

  • Clearing colds, flues, and sinus infections

  • Calming skin rashes and dandruff

  • Healping with achne, boils, tinea and herpes

  • Easing itches and helping with insect bites

How to use:

Burn 4 – 6 drops in essential oil burner or diffuser to create a calm and soothing environment

Mix 5 drops with one teaspoon of carrier oil and pour into a freshly drawn bath.

Apply 1 or 2 drops to your pillow case at night to help you relax and let go.

Mix 2 -3 drops per 5ml teaspoon of carrier oil or body lotion.  Apply to your shoulders,

neck, face and feet and massage gently.

Caution – Never use undiluted on your skin – use our ROLL ON blend instead if putting straight onto skin.