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PLAIN Magnesium & Mineral Bath Soak

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Ultimate Bath Soak & Foot Soak:

Take a time out for a serious relaxation & detoxification bath. Let go of tension in body and mind and feel yourself again! This bath soak is 100% Essential Oil FREE so you can enjoy a neutral bathing experience or add your very own signature scent to it. 

The PLAIN MAGNESIUM & MINERAL BATH SOAK contains only 100% Pure Ancient Zechstein Magnesium (chloride) Flakes, Dead Sea Salt, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay & Seaweed Powder

Allow the power of of a high quality Magnesium relax your whole beingness.

This is truly YOUR TIME - Enjoy!


There is truly no better way to sooth the body and ease the mind than a magnesium and mineral rich bath as magnesium is much better absorbed into the body via topical application, i.e. through your skin.


Magnesium plays an important role in conducting signals between your brain and your body and can relieves stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, migranes, sleep problems, muscle cramps and restless legs and muscle soreness (very important after a workout!). It helps build bones, enables nerves to function properly, keep the heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system and is essential to produce energy from the intake of food and to synthesise Vitamin D and keep you metabolism healthy.

But all magnesium are not the same.  There is actually a big difference between natural magnesium flakes and epsom salts. We utilise epsom salts in our body scrubs but if we want to offer you a truly valuable magnesium experience in the bath, we need to switch to pure magnesium flakes.

Magnesium bath flakes are made from magnesium chloride. Epsom salts are magnesium sulfates. Although both contain a form of magnesium, magnesium chloride is much better suited for topical application as it is easier absorbed into your system through the skin; thus, a great ingredients for a super relaxing chill bath.

Our Ultimate Magnesium & Mineral Bath Soak is based on pure magnesium chloride flakes from a rich seam below the Zechstein Sea in Northern Holland which has been protected and purified for over 250 million of years and is the richest and naturally pure source known today. We have enriched it with Rhassoul Clay from Morocco which has the ability to absorb impurities from the skin and contains a higher percentage than regular clays of vital silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium and makes your skin super smooth and Dead Sea Salt which has an amazingly high level concentration of minerals, sodium, potassium and calcium as well as Seaweed which imparts a silky soft feel and is a source of an array of trace minerals, amino acids, polyphenols, fatty acids and vitamins. A bath not to be missed!

We offer you this blend also enriched with 100% pure essential oil blends either Australian Bushpower geared more towards a super chill for the sensation of body tightness or Gentle Touch for an extra touch of sensuality and warmth.

TIP: These blends are also absolutely fantastic as a foot soak as your feet are great detox and uptake centres for vital minerals.