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Eau de Cologne & Parfum 3.5ml Full Collection Discovery Pack with Wooden Artisan Tray

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A wonderful introduction to the world of natural perfumery in a beautiful display pack. Enjoy all of our 11 Botanical Artisan Eau de Colognes or Eau de Parfums.

Comes beautifully packaged in a black Linen bag with a Artisan wooden tray handcrafted locally in Fremantle.

Each pack comes with all invitations or descriptions of the perfumes and their personal ingredients. Please note that the wooden trays are all unique in shape and colour as nature intended them.

This pack of 11 glass mist bottles at 3.5ml each contains all of our natural perfumes in an Eau de Colognes or Eau de Parfums. Please note that an Eau de Parfum is about three times the strength of an Eau de Cologne, but we find that for anyone exploring scents, the Colognes are a wonderful introduction into our world. 

It is well suited for men and women as all our botanical perfumes can be mixed in scents to create a unique personal style blended with woody and floral tones :) 

They are all 100% pure essential oils in base of natural perfume alcohol and hydrosol. We do not add ANY isolates to our perfumes nor do we filter our perfumes. Each blend is synergised not only for its scent but for its energetic blue print. Lovingly created by nature and hand-blended by Halka B. in our sanctuary in Fremantle, Western Australia. 

Each perfume holds its own story and invitation - please visit the individual perfume pages to read more. May it serve you well. 


IMPORTANT: Please note this set cannot be sent via airmail and therefore cannot be sent via Express mail nor can it be delivered outside of Australia due to delivery regulations of products containing alcohol as it is flammable. 



Within each offering, lies a unique harmony resonating with nature, humanity, and the animal kingdom.