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ESENCIA SUAVE Limited Christmas 23 Extrait de Parfum

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Welcome to our sacred annual alchemy of our limited Christmas Perfume. As the veil between realms thins, the perfume creation, ESENCIA SUAVE, has been emerging like a celestial revelation, a fragrance born on Christmas. This year's scent holds a determined softness embedded in an Amber, Sandalwood, Oudh and vegan Musk base, yet, at the heart it holds all the power of this world with sacred ancient essences like Tobacco Flower, Acacia, Mushroom and majestic scents from the deep forests. Lightened gently with a sun ray of Orange Blossom and Mango, and perfected with a touch of white and green Cognac. A soft symphony of Mother Earth's alchemy. This creation is an EXTRAIT DE PARFUM with a 40% essence concentration. 

And, before we dive in, we would like to express our gratitude to our perfume lovers. For 10 years, our Christmas perfumes vanished from the planet once they were sold out which many of you were not happy about especially once you ran out. In the true spirit of Christmas, we bring you some delightful news. While we aim to preserve the essence of this as our exclusive Christmas treat, we've decided to introduce a small change. In the future, we'll offer refills, but exclusively for those who have acquired the original edition. Once the Christmas badge is sold out, it will gracefully step away from our website as it did every year. This decision reflects our commitment to maintaining the intimacy of this offering and honouring its uniqueness. So, here we go, introducing ESENCIA SUAVE which translates from Spanish into SOFT ESSENCE. 

As always, the intention of each perfume sets the tone of a creation journey that is beautiful to be told in its own right. So, from the perfumer's desk, here is my journey and I express heartfelt gratitude for the impactful reminder that I received - may you equally enjoy your journey with this precious essence: 

"In the ethereal dance of intentions, my desire was to craft a potion of strength, a robust elixir from which the myriad emotions would gracefully unfold. Yet, in the mystic cauldron of creation, an unexpected alchemy occurred. The more I sought to infuse strength, the softer the potion whispered its truth. It resisted my forceful impositions, gently guiding me back to its innate softness, a paradoxical revelation.

This mystical elixir, a testament to the dance between intention and surrender, taught me profound lessons. Strength, it unveiled, arises not from forceful assertions, but from a serene foundation of softness—a calm space where all is allowed to be, observed without judgment or agenda. The harmony of strength, I discovered, is birthed from the womb of tranquility.

In the sacred act of creation, I delved into a state of presence beyond the ordinary waking mind—a stillness where everything simply exists. My initial attempt to impose my will, driven by a predetermined form and agenda, met resistance. The elixir, guided by its own essence, led me to an exploration of softness as the embodiment of strength.

The realization dawned upon me that my quest for strength had been misplaced—a conditioned understanding tethered to bold statements and forceful scents. The perfume beckoned me to re-evaluate, guiding me to the heart of strength through the gentle embrace of softness. In this revelation, gratitude flowed for the part of me that allowed my mind to soften and recognize the profound wisdom within.

Softness, as unveiled through the mystic potion, is an energy of allowance—an openness to experience the world free from the constraints of stories. It sees beyond the narratives imposed upon situations, offering a power to move forward with love and understanding. This softness, a gateway to the sea of consciousness, allows me to perceive the world without the mind's storytelling, enabling a journey forward in the reality of my own worlds, where the essence is ever-present and never lost however gentle it may be."

With much gratitude from Halka B. aka Hali - hope you will be able to connect deeply to the energy of this year's creation - may the softness draw you in and may it surprise you where it takes you - ENJOY!


Australian Sandalwood, various Ambers, Frankincense, various Oudhs, Porcini, Tobacco, Mango, Ambrette Seed, Acacia, Labdanum, White Fir, Green Oakmoss, English Oakwood, Black Pepper, Green & White Cognac, Genet, Orange Blossom, Cinnamon, Clove, Patchouli, Tolu Balsam, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Petitgrain & Clary Sage

EXTRAIT DE PARFUM: 45mls of 100% pure Essential oils in Sandalwood Hydrosol & perfumer's alcohol produced via sugar fermentation with added styrax benzoin tincture (fixative).
Essence concentration is of a majestic 40%.

Created by Nature - blended by Halka B.

Please note that an EXTRAIT DE PARFUM can only be sent via Road Mail.