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Frankincense & Myrrh Trial Pack

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This Frankincense & Myrrh trial pack contains a variety of the finest Frankincense Resins from Oman and Somalia as well as deep and sweet Myrrh from Yemen. Explore the rich diversity of the Ancient Resins and the old ritual of charcoal burning. Enjoy the unique scents of each type and discover which blend resonate with you. All resins are sustainably & ethically sourced.

This little trial pack comes in a kraft box with information and contains:

  • 15g packets of White Hojari Frankincense, Brown or Yellow Hojari Frankincense & Black or Yellow Hojari Frankincense (boswellia sacras), Maydi (boswellia frereana) & Myrrh
  • one Charcoal Roll SWIFT LITE
  • instructions on how to burn.

Shared qualities of the Frankincenses: 

  • Slowing down and deepening breathing
  • Soothing the spirit and deep relaxation
  • Enhancing positive mood and energy levels
  • Enhancing mental perception and memory
  • Deepening meditation
  • Relieving anxiety and reducing negative self-talk and symptoms of depression
  • Spiritual soul purification and cleansing of negative energies
  • Repelling mosquitoes, sand flies, moths and other insects
  • Demoulding bathrooms, killing germs and bacteria

Please note that the Myrrh was said to work with Frankincense in perfect unison and they complement and support each other beautifully. Please enjoy!


Within each offering, lies a unique harmony resonating with nature, humanity, and the animal kingdom.