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Frankincense & Rose Damask Blend Oman & Bulgaria

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Frankincense & Rose:

A synergy par excellence! Our very special blend to calm an overactive mind and open our heart. An honouring blend for times of overwhelm to release emotional tension and access the spaciousness of our heart space. This blend feels like coming home and we hope it provides you with a great comfort to let go of what is not needed any longer and open to a whole new heartfelt journey.

100% pure precious essential oils of White Hojari Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra) from Oman and our Rose Damask Absolute from the land directly from the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria. 

Rose has one of the highest vibrations of all the essential oils and invites you to lift yourself up when you feel down, overwhelmed and stressed. The simplicity of this blend is nothing compared to the synergy that these two oil exhibit. 

Contains: Omani Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra) ° & Rose Damask (*=organic/°=wildcrafted) 

Comes as 100% pure essential oil blend OR as a roll on consisting of 100% pure essential oil blend diluted in Australian Jojoba.