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Frankincense & Rose Spa TRIO for a moment of self honouring

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In a time of uncertainty, our poor brain goes into ‘overwhelm’ because it wants to keep you safe. Maybe you can do a sacred pact with it for this little feel good ceremony of yours, so it can rest and enjoy how it feels when everything is ok and all is well – help it remember! Because in each ‘aware moment’ we truly have only that moment and everything arises out of it. Make it a good one! Mask up with roses, wash away the worries and negative energies, soften your body and come home to your heart. Your skin and your mind will surely feel different! 

Let YOUR time begin!

May this little home spa FEEL GOOD pack of our favourites bring you a blissful experience.

… and this is how YOUR journey begins: If you can, please allow yourself the bath experience, if not, then the shower version is still amazingly nurturing. Prepare your bathroom for your special time, light a candle or two or more, put your favourite music on or just enjoy the quiet solitude, make yourself a cuppa or a glass of your favourite special drink, run your bathtub and wait till its full. Prepare your Rose & Seaweed facemask by mixing 1 full teaspoon of powder with some water. Put onto your face, then immerse your body into the water and allow your skin to soften. Stand up and scrub the Frankincense & Rose Body Scrub all over you and immerse yourself back into now your water this time with all the cleansing scrub. Enjoy 10-20 minutes of allowing your body to destress and detox. Take a moment to connect deeply to yourself, the essential oils will help and guide you. After you washed it all off, dry your body and apply the heavenly Frankincense & Rose Body Oil all over your body and face mindfully. Appreciate your body in whatever forms it appears to you. Honour it, love it, feel it! Breathe! And enjoy!

MORE INFO on products:

ROSE & SEAWEED FACE MASK 15gms (approx. 3 applications): Combine the power of rose, rosehip and gotu kola to stimulate collagen production, oxygenate, purify, tone and balance your skin. Blend it with seaweed and seaclays to offer the skin an array of vital nutrients like proteins, minerals and vitamins incl. Vit B12 which is not found anywhere in landplants. This mask is mildly exfoliating and packed with vital amino acids to improve skin health and complexion. It is a real treat for the demanding skin.

This is the mask that you want to put on when you have time to pamper yourself. A little home spa ‘time out’ that will invite for relaxation and rejuvenation on all levels.

How to use: Just add water and blend into a paste. This mask is not as smooth as our other ones but the feel and scent make all up for it. Spread it all over your face leaving the tender area around the eyes free. Allow to dry fully and gently wash off. For a higher exfoliation effect, apply and wash off in smooth circles all over the face. For best results, follow up with one of our face oils.

FRANKINCENSE & ROSE BODY SCRUB for Bath or Shower 120gms: This is a heavenly scrub that will leave your skin silky smooth, your mind soft and relaxed and your energy field cleansed. This scrub contains Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Magnesium Sulphates (Epsom Salt), Seaweed, Sandalwood Powder, Zeolite, heavenly Rhassoul Clay from Morocco, Australian Jojoba Oil and of course 100% pure Essential Oils of Frankincense & Rose Damask.

FRANKINCENSE & ROSE BODY OIL 50mls: This one is an extremely light oil with amazing moisturising abilities and a soft scent of Moroccan Roses and the Omani boswellia sacra Hojari Frankincense. The Frankincense & Rose Body Oil is one of our clients’ favourites. It contains a ton of valuable nutrients and the vibration is one of caring and loving oneself just that little bit more. It is truly a magical oil not only for the skin but also for the soul.

Contains: Cold pressed Moroccan Argan oil*, Baobab oil*, Moringa oil*, Black Cumin Seed oil, Hempseed oil*, Avocado* oil, natural Vitamin E and 100% pure plant essential oils of heavenly Frankincense (boswellia sacra), & Bulgarian and Moroccan Rose.

Each pack contains the above description.

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