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Instant Calm Blend

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Instant Calm:

INSTANT CALM AID (Anxiety Free) 100% Essential Oil Blend also available in Jojoba Roll On

For travel overwhelm, irritability and anxiety – connecting your breath to this blend and feeling the connection in your whole body can work wonders.

Use this blend when everything seems to much and you need to connect to your own inner core and wisdom or if you feel an anxiety attack creeping up and you need to calm your whole beingness in order for the brain to start working properly again. This oil blend seems to activate the right brain and helps you get out of overwhelm mode.

This blend is created with precious Frankincense which slows down your brainwaves, reduces mind chatter and imparts a sense of calm, Mandarin & Bergamot which draw you into the lands of joy and playfulness and lift your spirit, a beautiful white fir from Russia which calms the mind and opens your heart, a grounding Vetiver which is a tonic for your busy brain (and BTW a 2015 study showed that vetiver has even anti-anxiety abilities similar to the drug diazepam).
And finally, we offered this blend to our amazing West Australian Fragonia which helps to bring balance and harmony to just about anything it comes into contact with to impart on it its amazing magic.

Essential Oils: Frankincense, Vetiver, Bay Leaf, Bergamot, White Fir, Fragonia & Mandarin