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Meditation No2 Essential Oil Blend


Clears the mind of worries & distractions and draws you into the essence of you.

100% pure Essential Oils



Allow me to help you clearing your mind of worries and distractions and drawing you back into the essence of you.

A deeply clearing and opening experience.

Apply a drop of the essential oil blend into your palms, rub your hands gently together and take this blend through your energy field. Inhale and draw it gently into your body through the back of your head. Exhale through the whole body and let go of any sensations of tension and let go of everything. Adjust your posture and repeat the process.

Or utilise the more gentle diluted roll on version to apply it intuitively where your body will need it: behind your ears, onto your forehead, onto your neck, onto your temples, onto the souls of the feet or where ever it might want to go – feel it.

A wonderful deepening blend to also add to your oil burner or diffuser.

Essential Oils in Meditation No2: Australian Grade A Sandalwood, Patchouli Heart*, Myrrh, 3 Frankincenses (Boswellia Sacra, Carterii & Serrata), WA Grasstree, Amazonian Rosewood, White Fir CO2, Rose Damask, Elemi, Galbanum, Opoponax, Neroli*, Bergamot* & Spikenard

(*=certified organic)

Is there a Meditation No1 Blend? Not yet, but we are working on it!

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