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Meditation No2 Roll On Essential Oil Blend

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Allow me to help you clearing your mind of worries and distractions and drawing you back into the essence of you. A deeply clearing and opening experience. As a blend of 100% pure essential oils diluted with 100% pure Australian Jojoba Oil, you can apply this blend intuitively where your body will need it: behind your ears, onto your forehead, onto your neck, onto your temples, onto the souls of the feet or where ever it might want to go – feel it.


Ingredients: 100% pure essential oils of Australian Grade A Sandalwood, Patchouli Heart*, Myrrh, 3 Frankincenses (Boswellia Sacra, Carterii & Serrata), WA Grasstree, Amazonian Rosewood, White Fir CO2, Rose Damask, Elemi, Galbanum, Opoponax, Neroli*, Bergamot* & Spikenard blended with 100% pure Australian Jojoba Oil.