Halka B. Organics

Organic FEEL GOOD Loose Tea Houseblend


A sophisticated light blend that will enchant your heart. 60gms


Our lovingly blended FEEL GOOD tea is a gentle well-balanced herbal blend with a light and enchanting taste. It contains herbs to empower your immune system and lighten your mood.

Naturally Caffeine Free


    • Certified Organic Stinging Nettle: Known to strengthen your adrenals and promote healthy sleep

    • Certified Organic Lemon Verbena: Adds a refreshing taste and helps de-stressing a sluggish system

    • Certified Organic Rose Petals: Adds sensuality and a powerhouse of nutrients that balance, sooth and detox our system

  • Certified Organic Red Clover: An all over tonic and immune system builder with high anti-cancer properties

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