Halka B. Organics

Phoenix Body Oil


Treat your skin to a boost of vital nutrients and your mind/soul to a clearing uplifting experience.

Ingredients: Oils of Black Cumin Seed*, Sesame*, Pomegranate*, Jojoba, Moroccan Argan*, Baobab* & pure essential oils of Lavender, Geranium, Blue Cypress, Rosemary & Frankincense*
100% natural / *= certified organic


Phoenix oil - a full body treat

An extremely soft and nourishing base blend of Black Cumin Seed, Sesame, Pomegranate, Jojoba, Moroccan Argan & Baobab oils with a grounding invigorating scent. This is a powerhouse of antioxidants and vital nutrients to the skin created with precious oils that are grown in the harshest desert environments. These oils have a ton of natural protection and nourishing properties that smooth and revitalise your skin.

The blend of essential oils are a gentle invitation of letting go, rejuvenating and lifting our whole human beingness & allowing us to arrive in the present moment just be able to fly again.


This oil is a supreme nourishing blend that can be utilised as a body oil on damp skin after showering, as a luxurious bath oil, a wonderful nourishing hot oil hair treatment (warm up in an oil burner, massage into hair before washing, wrap a warmed towel around your head and leave in for as long as you can), or as a luxurious massage oil.

This blend is not suitable in pregnancy.

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