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Playful Heart Blend

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Playful Heart:

Allow yourself to regenerate with lightness & positivity.

Ingredients: Sweet orange, Peppermint, Cinnamon.

100% pure essential oils.


Love, vibrancy, regeneration, concentration, playfulness, positivity, lightheartedness & protection.

Infuse your space with the vibration of joy, warmth, love & protection.

Sweet Orange essential oil brings happiness to the heart, regeneration of the spirit, and vitality to the soul. It conquers fears and obsessions. Orange essential oil brings joy into our hearts, it touches us with happiness.

Peppermint raises the spirit to a fuller understanding and appreciation of the mysteries that will eventually fully unfold to us. it stimulates and soothes, uplifts and calms. Those lethargic with thoughts that all is lost will be energized, and come back into touch with their inner selves. Peppermint Essential Oil can also stimulate the dreamtime, using this time of physical stillness to bring information and understanding. It also increases awareness, perception, and sensitivity, bringing an alertness even in the dream state, so we can remember and take in the wisdom of other worlds. It is one of the angelic fragrances. Peppermint Essential Oil is strong and clearing, and can be used when barriers have been erected and all help has been refused. It is used to clear a pathway. its presence raises the vibrations of an area.

Cinnamon encourages energy and strenght. it helps us find the inner love that is so often difficult to find. it transforms sadness into happiness. it helps bring the realization that love was and is always there. Cinnamon Essential Oil if JOYFULL!! The unknown exploration when we step with uncertainty and need assurance; the help is at hand is we need it. It brings gentle warmth and mild stimulation. Cinnamon Essential Oil is good for prosperity and protection.

How to use:

Burn 4 – 6 drops in essential oil burner or diffuser to create a calm and soothing environment

Mix 5 drops with one teaspoon of carrier oil and pour into a freshly drawn bath.

Apply 1 or 2 drops to your pillow case at night to help you relax and let go.

Mix 2 -3 drops per 5ml teaspoon of carrier oil or body lotion.  Apply to your shoulders,

neck, face and feet and massage gently.

Caution – Never use undiluted on your skin – use our ROLL ON blend instead if putting straight onto skin.