Halka B. Organics

Rose & Seaweed Powder Mask


Regenerating and reviving dull skin. A mineral & nutrient rich superfeed for your skin.

Ingredients: Seaweed*, Sea Clay, Damaskan Rose*, Rosehip*, Gotu Kola*, Aloe Vera* Oatmeal Colloidal (GMO free), & MSM.

100% Natural / * = Organic


Combine the power of rose, rosehip and gotu kola to stimulate collagen production, oxygenate, purify, tone and balance your skin. Blend it with seaweed and seaclays to offer the skin an array of vital nutrients like proteins, minerals and vitamins incl. Vit B12 which is not found anywhere in landplants. This mask is mildly exfoliating and packed with vital amino acids to improve skin health and complexion. It is a real treat for the demanding skin.

This is the mask that you want to put on when you have time to pamper yourself. A little home spa ‘time out’ that will invite for relaxation and rejuvenation on all levels.

How to use:

Just add water and blend into a paste. This mask is not as smooth as our other ones but the feel and scent make all up for it. Spread it all over your face leaving the tender area around the eyes free. Allow to dry fully and gently wash off. For a higher exfoliation effect, apply and wash off in smooth circles all over the face. For best results, follow up with one of our face oils.

Comes in 60mls (30gms) or 30mls (15gms) amber glass jars. 

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