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Rose & Rosehip Powder Mask Get that glow and soft feel back for normal to dry skin

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Regenerating and reviving dull & stressed skin. A mineral & nutrient rich superfeed for your skin with a beautiful hint of rose scent for silky smooth & glowing skin.

Ingredients: Rose Clay (Pink Clay), Rose Damask Powder*, Rosehip Powder*, Gotu Kola Powder*, Aloe Vera Powder* Oatmeal Colloidal (GMO free), Tumeric Powder* & MSM

100% Natural / * = Organic                                                 Just ADD WATER


Rose & Rosehip powder is packed with vital nutrients and has been demonstrated to aid in the retention of valuable vital phytonutrients that keep the skin healthy and protect it from environmental pollutants. 

Rose Clay or pink clay is a gentle exfoliator and promotes a radiant and balanced complexion while Aloe Vera is calming to the skin and aids in alleviating excessive dryness and imperfections. 

Combine the power of these powerful ingredients to stimulate collagen production, oxygenate, purify, tone and balance your skin. Triterpenoids in Gotu Kola are part of the plants' own defense mechanisms and they have been found to stimulate collagen synthesis. This mask contains naturally an array of Vitamins B & C, valuable phytonutrients like flavonoid & polyphenol.

MSM is another key player for the body's ability to product healthy collagen. And collagen is at the base of a flexible resilient skin structure. 


And finally, Tumeric adds to the high levels of anti-oxidants and brings out a silky soft glow and luster in the skin.


This mask is mildly exfoliating and packed with vital amino acids to improve skin health and complexion. It is a real treat for the demanding skin.

This is the mask that you want to put on when you have time to pamper yourself as the gentle scent of rose will leave you in a space of loving care and apprecation. 

How to use:

Just add water and blend into a paste. Spread it all over your face leaving the tender area around the eyes free. Allow to semi dry and gently wash off after 10-15 minutes. For a higher exfoliation effect, apply and wash off in smooth circles all over the face. 

Please always follow up with finishing the experience with one of our highly nourishing FACE OILS.

Comes in 60mls (30gms) or 30mls (15gms) amber glass jars.