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Silver Fir Switzerland wild-crafted

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Silver Fir:

Abies Alba grown and distilled in Switzerland

There is Silver fir and SILVER FIR! This one is a pure delight and stands out by far from other distillations. Organically grown, wild-harvested and distilled in Switzerland, this one boosts with freshness, happiness and amazing healing properties.

For centuries this essential oil has been used throughout Europe for conditions such as fevers, rheumatism, arthritis, muscular pain and respiratory problems.

On an emotional level it is a super tonic that helps boosting positive emotions and uplifts negativity, sadness, nervous exhaustion and stress. Its scent is soft, woody, fresh and takes you out somewhere onto an energised mystic forrest walk. It allows for the heart to open and expand again.

Enjoy it on its own or in our Forrest Blend or soon Christmas Blend  Blend it with Kunzea and you have a powerhouse for rheumatic pains and aches. Blend it with Orange and you have a happiness boost par excellence. If you enjoy the scents of the woods, well, this one will surely enchant!