Halka B. Organics

Mixed Aromatics Box


This Aromatics Box contains a variety of Resins and Aromatic Blends. Explore the rich diversity of the Resins/Blends and the old ritual of charcoal burning. Enjoy the unique scents of each Resin/Blends and discover which ones resonate with you.

IMORTANT: please note that we are out of boxes so this pack will be available in Muslin bags only for the moment!


This Aromatics Box contains 15g packets of:

    • White Hojari Frankincense
    • Myrrh (depending on availability) otherwise Young Amber Copal
    • Sandalwood Chips
    • Special House Blend
    • Grey Copal De Penca OR Mayan Copal (depending on availability)
    • & 1 Roll of Charcoals 33mm in diameter (10 charcoals per roll)

And description how to burn :)

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