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Australian Core Natural Eau de Parfum

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Be invited to journey through the healing depths of the Australian Bush - where feeling, knowing and scent coincides. The wisdom of a true warrior.

100% Natural Australian Natural Eau de Parfum

I come to you from the depths
of the ancient lands of Australia
and invite you to unfold the core
of your sacred wisdom within and; thus,
reset the path of your journey to come.
My strength is gentleness and vulnerability.
My power is safety and protection.
I do not push – I only extend invitations.
If you accept, I shall draw you in gently
and with the greatest respect of your
journey gone and your journey still to come.
I invite you to meet in the now where
you can access your deeper knowing.
Don’t mistake my gentleness for weakness
for I am a true warrior.
Truth and courage cannot be accessed
through the mind for they
are matters of the heart.
In the unity of all that you are
lays the key to the power of creation
and the power of love.
“Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.
I will meet you there.”


Grasstree (Balga) infusion in High Grade Premium Sandalwood, Boronia, Tasmanian Native Pepper, Kimberley Heath, Fragonia™, Australian Rose & Rose Myrtle

(100% Australian Origin)

Natural Eau de Parfum contains: 100% pure Essential Oils native to Australia, Australian Sandalwood Hydrosol & Natural Perfume Alcohol.  For an alcohol free version please chose the Natural Perfume Oil which is 100% pure essential oils in Australian Jojoba Oil.

Comes in 15ml or 40ml bottle.

Lovingly created by nature - blended by Halka B.

Please note that the Eau de Parfum version of this natural perfume oil can only be sent via road delivery within Australia and is not available to our international clientele - sorry.