Halka B. Organics

Beautifully handcrafted metal Christmas bells


Enjoy our yearly metal Christmas bells handcrafted by our Artisan Community in India! These guys put an amazing effort into creating these bells - may they brighten up your world.


The base metal is recycled iron with which the base form of the bell is made. After that, a mix of mud, copper and a few other minerals is handmixed and the bell is wrapped completely with this muddy metal mix. It is then put in a clay oven to bake. In the oven what happens is that the copper and minerals melt through the mud to give that lovely uneven rustic coating on the base iron. Once baked, the bell is pulled out of the oven and the baked mud is lightly cracked and cleaned away. 
Our Artisans are experts in this process and have the knowhow for the exact mud and mineral mix, the temperatures to bake it in, how long to keep it in the oven, how to crack and clean it once removed and so on.

May it support you in creating a beautiful warm ambience over the festive season. 

Peace & Joy.

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