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Instant Light Superior Charcoal - Each roll contains 10 charcoal tablets 33mm in diameter.

The perfect base for burning your frankincense and aromatics. Please be mindful that whatever you burn the charcoal, the container will get extremely hot from the bottom too. So please don't place without a coaster onto precious surfaces. 

You can break the charcoal in two before burning it if you don't need such a long burning time. The 33mm burns for approx. 45 min and the 40mm one for approx 1hr20min.

Please note that this charcoal has a lighting agent in, and we recommend to start if off outside till the sparkle is through and then it is clean and safe to take inside :)

What ever you burn on a charcoal will initiate smoke and might not be compatible with your fire detector.

Brand: Authentic SWIFT LITE Origin: UK


Within each offering, lies a unique harmony resonating with nature, humanity, and the animal kingdom.