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Connoisseur Frankincense Natural Perfume Oil

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A light crisp scent for the connoisseur of Omani Frankincense - only the finest.

I hold the wisdom of ancient worlds and long forgotten journeys
buried deep in our souls.
My scent is a journey from the vibrant business of our minds
to the calm and deep places within.
My vibration is soothing and allowing.
I invite you to explore life beyond the confounds
of your comfort zone.
I will not let you go anywhere
where you are not ready to go.
And yet, I open doors and invite you to travel
a journey of adventure and new horizons.
The three wise men certainly new the value of my energetic imprint
when they gifted me to Baby Jesus.
Walk your path in the knowing that
life is meant to be vibrant,
If you love the crisp herbaceous scent
of the pure Omani Frankincense and the
deep calling of the Oudh and majestic Firs,
then you’ll fall in love with me.

White Sacred Hojari Frankincense, Labdanum, White Fir, Patchouli Heart, Opoponax, Myrrh, Oudh, Bergamot, Lime, Neroli and a heavenly infusion of Green Royal Hojari Frankincense

Natural Perfume Oil: 100% pure Essential Oil in Australian Jojoba Oil packaged in a 6ml Glass Perfume Roll On Bottle

Lovingly created by nature - blended by Halka B.