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Ceremonial Mayan White & Penca Copal Blend PREMIUM Incense Sticks (6)

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Made from natural tree resin from the highlands of Mexico. The scent is super soft, deep and we connect it to our heart's energy.

Contains 6 Sticks at approx 25cm length each

These sticks are handmade from Mayan White & Penca Copal and only a touch of Lagrima. Lagrima is often termed a sacred copal that is used for spiritual purposes and is often burned in churches in Mexico. Copal is connected to the crown chakra and is fabulous for meditation. It deepens your thoughts and evoke pure conscious thought during meditation. It also strengthens the aura dispelling negative energy and blocks.

Along with its spiritual properties Copal also repels insects and helps the body to heal physically. These sticks are traditionally made with Copals collected by the village people in the highlands of Mexico. ENJOY!


Within each offering, lies a unique harmony resonating with nature, humanity, and the animal kingdom.