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Fragonia Essential Oil Australia

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Fragonia Essential Oil:

Agonis Fragrans

Restore Harmony & Induce A Sense Of Peace.

100% Pure West Australian Fragonia Essential Oil.


Often referred to as the magic oil in scientific circles. Uniquely West Australian. According to leading French Quantum Aromatherapy researcher Dr. Penoël, Fragonia seems to work on whatever level needed to help the body, mind and spirit restore balance. It is said to be a unique oil as it is nearly perfectly balanced in its chemical composition and this literally seems to help people who use it to MAKE PEACE WITHIN THEMSELVES and in their life in general and support their systems to feel a sense of harmony, peace and emotional balance.

Here are but a few research conclusions & ideas how to utilize this oil:

  • Balances emotions & induces a sense of peace & harmony

  • Letting go of un-serving patterns of behaviours

  • Aids in colds, flu & other head and chest infections as it breaks up mucus and acts as a decongestant

  • Strengthens and balances the immune system when applied to the nodes in the side of the neck, armpits and groin

  • Can bring about a significant improvement relating to pain, depression & anxiety

  • Ease breast tenderness and bloating in menstruating women

  • Helps with focusing

  • Had a very positive effect in preventing and minimizing the symptoms of jet lag. Many shift workers reported that Fragonia helps to regulate their body clock.

  • Several studies have concluded that Fragonia’s powerful balancing properties make it ideal for use with children suffering ADHD – calming and centering them. Practitioners have also reported great success with autistic children.

  • Bodyworkers using Fragonia Body Oils have reported that it dissipated and drains lactic acid held in sore muscles and softens fascia and ligaments.

Typically contains terpene hydrocarbons, 1,8-cineole (23-33%), alpha-pinene (22-31%), linalool (6-13%) and alpha-terpineol (5-8%)

Studies at the University of Western Australia have shown Fragonia to have significant anti-microbial activity, similar to that of other recognised anti-microbial essential oils, (including Tea Tree Oil), making it useful for many things including minor cuts and wounds, bites, stings, abrasions, pimples and acne, or as a gargle for sore throats. It has been shown to be as effective as Tea Tree Oil in treating Candida albicans or thrush. (Ref: K. Hammer, C. Carson, J. Dunstan, et al, 2008. Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity of five Taxandria fragrans oils in vitro. Microbiol Immunol, Vol. 52: 522-530)

Fragonia Hydrosol creates an acidic environment in the throat when gargled, which is beneficial in treating cases of bacterial tonsillitis. (Ref: K. Wallwork, 2006. Aromatherapy Today, International Aromatherapy Journal, Vol 36 August: 6), as well as other inflammatory conditions such as laryngitis. (Ref: M. Webb, 2013. IJPHA, Vol 2 Issue 1 Summer) Anti-inflammatory

Preliminary research by the University of Western Australia supports the potential of Fragonia as an anti-inflammatory oil. ((Ref: K. Hammer, C. Carson, J. Dunstan, et al, 2008. Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity of five Taxandria fragrans oils in vitro. Microbiol Immunol, Vol. 52: 522-530) • This is supported by positive clinical feedback, including the following testimonial: ‘Several weeks ago I sprained my left knee and at one stage it felt very hot and sore. I applied Fragonia neat to the knee and within a few minutes it had cooled the knee to almost normal temperature.’ (S.L. 2004)

Useful in muscular-skeletal conditions such as pain and inflammation from sprains, strains and joint problems, muscle stiffness, soreness and cramping (Ref: M. Webb, 2013. IJPHA, Vol 2 Issue 1 Summer).

Being a very gentle oil, Fragonia can be applied on a daily basis to the skin over the lymphatic nodes in the side of the neck, the armpits and groin to strengthen the immune system (Dr Penoel, 2005)