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Frankincense Essential Oil Boswellia Sacra

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Frankincense Sacra:

Returning to the ancient world with Hojari Frankincense Essential Oil - a pure unadulterated master oil to reset your mood and energy levels. Our very finest!

100% Pure Frankincense essential oil Boswellia Sacra from Oman


A beautiful essential oil distilled from sustainably harvested Hojari Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) from Oman. It has a wonderful lemony limy scent. This is our finest frankincense. Resins are sustainably harvested and distilled by a small boutique family run distillation in Oman.

Used on a spiritual and mental level for purification, meditation, spiritual understanding, focus of intent, courage, protection, helps overcome fear, negative feelings, loss, grief, and the development of compassion.

About the heavenly scent and properties of our Hojari Frankincense essential oil:

    • Slowing down and deepening breathing

    • Soothing the spirit and deep relaxation

    • Enhancing positive mood and energy levels

    • Enhancing mental perception and memory

    • Deepening meditation

    • Relieving anxiety and reducing negative self-talk and symptoms of depression

    • Spiritual soul purification and cleansing of negative energies

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Alex H.
Australia Australia
Very good quality


Halka B. Organics

Thank you Alex - very much appreciated. Enjoy!

Rita R.
Australia Australia
I just love it

I can’t get enough of it, the best essential oil one could have!

Halka B. Organics

Thank you Rita for your 5star review :) It is one of our fav too!

Shaney A.
United States United States

No other compares, I’ve purchased Frank oil from a few resources (after my initial Halka B. Discovery upon my first journey to Australia; each annual return visit made sure I would get to the shop in Freo. As well, a couple of special occasions, ordering from afar). So satisfied in Portland, Or USA

Halka B. Organics

Thank you Shaney. It took us a while to find this distillery in Oman but like yourself, we found that this oil is sublime and the people producing it are totally amazing and super caring. We strongly believe this comes through in the produce. Thanks and much love all accros the world to Portland!

Rita R.
Australia Australia

It feels great every time I use it The smell takes me emotionally to a super comfort zone! It also makes me sleep well

Halka B. Organics

Thank you Rita - very much appreciated. And yep, Frankincense is well known for stopping that mind chatter of ours so no wonder it feels like a 'super comfort zone'. Love it!

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